JogoTech powers novel shopping experiences with Oracle Cloud

The software company saves more than 60% on computing costs by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


With Oracle, it makes it much easier for our clients to move to the cloud. Oracle Cloud gives them that sense of security and reliability, which is very important.

Gonzalo Martín OrtegaCEO, JogoTech

Business challenges

JogoTech is an innovative independent software vendor for retailers, with a vision to use technology to create the store of the future. It helps both traditional high-street retailers adding online experiences, and online retailers opening their first physical stores. JogoTech helps make brick-and-mortar stores an extension of ecommerce, creating a hybrid of a physical and digital store that it calls a  “phygital store.” These stores combine the speed and efficiency of online purchases with the humanity of in-store shopping.

The company recognized it needed to offer its software on a cloud infrastructure so it could provide on-demand capacity, get customers up and running more quickly, and add new capabilities faster. To deliver JogoTech as a cloud-based application, however, the company needed to partner with a strong technology brand name to instill customer confidence, especially among long-established retail shops that could be resistant to change.

The support and human touch that Oracle has given us are incredible—very qualified technicians are always at our disposal, and thanks to that, we've been able to make so much progress.

Guillem Pascual SerraCIO, JogoTech

Why JogoTech Chose Oracle

JogoTech relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to run its cloud-based applications. JogoTech’s leadership saw Oracle as aligned with its own ideals of innovation, disruption, and agility. Plus, the globally recognized Oracle brand name inspires confidence among the company’s clients, who are getting help from JogoTech to develop digital strategies.

By partnering with Oracle, JogoTech could take advantage of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence from a single vendor, as well as receive support from a partner that shared its vision.


So far, the company has implemented Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in Germany for production deployments and for demos of its JogoRoom software. It also uses OCI in Switzerland for its JogoHotel product and for various testing work. With those environments, JogoTech reduced its monthly operating costs for computing infrastructure by 60%.

By implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, JogoTech also reduced the labor and costs to deploy and test new product capabilities by about 70%. This lets JogoTech get new features to its retail clients much faster. Those new features help retailers provide more innovative and personalized shopping experiences in their stores.

Using OCI also opens new global opportunities for JogoTech, because Oracle has data centers around the world from which JogoTech can deliver its software. “Trying to set up an on-premises data center in India by tomorrow on our own would be impossible,” says Guillem Pascual Serra, CIO at JogoTech. “But with OCI, you do the script, and you have it in the cloud in 10 minutes—problem solved.” Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also delivers incredibly low latency, he says, and provides tools to automatically add capacity as needed to deliver the performance JogoTech needs.

In addition, the company is saving time and resources within its software development and IT teams by using Oracle’s machine learning and artificial intelligence, instead of developing its own implementations of these disruptive technologies. For example, using Oracle machine learning capabilities, JogoTech can help an optical shop use its software to photograph a client’s face, and then use machine learning to assess face and eye shape and other parameters to recommend the best glasses from a catalog of thousands. Similarly, at a fashion retailer, the software can now recommend a bespoke range of styles, colors, and brands of clothing based on a photograph of what the customer is wearing or what they have recently browsed.

In addition, JogoTech is using Oracle Digital Assistant with its core application, which provides an intuitive voice interface for retail shoppers.

Published:February 19, 2021