Johnny Bytes boosts data and analytics with Oracle MySQL HeatWave on AWS

The digital agency consolidates data processing and analytics with MySQL HeatWave on AWS for multichannel marketing campaigns with less administration.


MySQL HeatWave on AWS fits perfectly into our data platform with 60X to 90X faster complex queries compared to AWS RDS and Aurora. It generates real-time analytics we need for targeted, multichannel campaigns. We now have greater scalability to onboard more data and new clients of any size without increasing IT admin.

Thomas HenzChief Executive Officer, Johnny Bytes

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Business challenges

To help clients throughout Europe deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns, Johnny Bytes aggregates user interactions from social media and the internet with a client’s own data in the ecommerce, telecom, and banking industries. By aggerating various data sources, the digital agency builds highly segmented customer profiles for clients to conduct targeted, multichannel marketing campaigns to attract new customers.

A pain point for Johnny Bytes was that its analytics app, built on AWS RDS and then Aurora, was not performing well enough to make real-time targeting decisions. The database was just not fast enough for the agency’s rules engine to process the large amount of data needed to segment customers for personalized campaigns.

The agency wanted a faster data platform that would support the technologies it was already using and familiar with.

Oracle MySQL HeatWave Database Service consolidates transaction processing and analytics for better performance and scalability.

Why Johnny Bytes chose Oracle

Johnny Bytes selected Oracle MySQL HeatWave on AWS for a fully managed database service that combines transaction processing with an in-memory query accelerator for a high-performance analytics engine. In addition, it eliminates the need for a separate analytics database and extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes. Greater data scalability with real-time analytics would help the digital agency accelerate application development with less administration.

Oracle MySQL HeatWave increased complex analytical queries by 60X to 90X over AWS RDS and Aurora, delivering targeted ads in real time and doubling the click-through rates.


By integrating MySQL HeatWave on AWS in less than a week, Johnny Bytes saw massive 60X to 90X faster complex queries compared to AWS RDS and Aurora. Being able process data and deliver ads in real time doubled click-through rates and increased customer acquisition.   

In addition, the agency has greater scalability to onboard more data and new clients of any size without increasing IT administration for more business growth opportunities. Every touchpoint of its analytics app, especially the data warehouse in MySQL HeatWave, is running much faster for a better end-to-end customer experience.

Published:September 12, 2022

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Johnny Bytes, based in Cologne, Germany, is a digital agency for web development, app development, and IT consulting.