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Oracle Customer Success—Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden

Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden

Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden Modernizes Civic Service with Engineered Systems


Our database applications’ range of functions, performance, and stability no longer met today’s requirements. With Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Database 12c, we now offer a perfect service—benefitting our users and IT department from the higher performance and maximum reliability.

— Guido Signer, Information Technology Department, Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden

Swiss Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden Improves Civic Services, Boosts Administration Performance, and Reduces IT Contingency Risks

The Swiss Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden is one of the country’s most attractive tourist regions. The Cantonal administration provides its citizens with numerous IT-supported services in the areas of business, transportation, healthcare, social affairs, justice, finance and taxes, education and science, construction and environment, and agriculture and tourism.

A total of 12 database applications were previously hosted on two Windows-based, physical servers running Oracle Database 11g. Hardware performance and reliability however no longer met the Canton’s growing requirements, since the Canton regularly deploys new services. The organization therefore required a better-performing, future-ready database and server solution.

Business Challenge
  • Replace the existing Windows-based database and server solution with better-performing, up-to-date technology so the Canton can offer its citizens modern, digital, services, for example citizen registration or financial administration
  • Ensure that the new IT infrastructure operates stably and offers better protection against system failure to reduce maintenance costs, and offer Canton’s citizens access to all services at all times
  • Enable the infrastructure to be operated with as little effort as possible, since the Canton’s IT department manages operations with only six staff, and ensure reliable support and comprehensive assistance from an external partner with manageable costs
  • Ensure that the hardware and software deployed can be licensed easily and transparently to rule out any compliance risks, and reduce TCO
  • Achieved significant increases in performance and availability of the Canton’s services to the benefit of its citizens, businesses, and employees, by deploying three Oracle Database Appliance X6-2 to operate the Canton’s critical database applications
  • Reduced time to process complex queries significantly, such as the monthly calculation of federal and communal taxes which is computed now twice as fast as previously
  • Operated the Canton’s applications and services error-free since the go-live, and ensured business continuity by gaining the ability to switch between the two redundant datacenters within 15 minutes
  • Leveraged the hardware refresh to upgrade the Canton’s databases to Oracle Database 12c, thus meeting all requirements for the operation of renewed applications such as the residents’ registration system
  • Strengthened the organization’s ability to develop and test new services by running test environments on a dedicated Oracle Database Appliance, while two appliances ensure interruption-free access to the Canton’s services for professional users and citizens alike
  • Benefitted from Oracle Database Appliance’s ease of implementation and configuration to deploy the machines in only four days and prepare for data migration
  • Reduced database licensing cost by taking advantage of Oracle Database Appliance’s capacity-on-demand licensing, which further contributes to preserving the Canton’s limited IT budgets
  • Shortened the time required for software updates—which previously required up to 8 hours, usually over weekends—to 30 minutes, an improvement mostly welcomed by the Canton´s IT administration staff


Performance, stability, comprehensive support, and transparent licensing were the most important criteria in making our decision. As an administration, we have to offer our citizens a comprehensive service with limited resources. Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Database 12c are ideal for doing so.

— Karl Dähler, Head of Information Technology Department, Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden

About Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden


Appenzell, Switzerland



With an area of just 66.5 square miles and 16,036 residents, the Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden is Switzerland’s smallest Canton. To deliver services to citizens and companies, the Canton’s Information Technology Department operates two datacenters, 550 clients at 7 administrative locations, 650 clients at 13 school locations, and further IT personnel at the Cantonal Hospital, at the Appenzell Care Center, and other institutions around the Canton.


The IT department’s implementation partner, Edorex Informatik AG, required only minimal input from the cantonal administration. Thanks to the competence and experience of the Edorex experts and Oracle Engineered Systems, implementation and preparing the existing data for migration only took four days. The modification of the clients at various locations was also handled within a short period of time.

“We appreciate Edorex’s competent support and the extremely fast reaction times. Our trust-based, working relationship is exemplary—without Edorex, the project would have taken far longer,” said Dähler.

Published:  May 16, 2017