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KDDI Enhances System Performance and Supports Growth Strategy with Oracle


By replacing PostgreSQL with a powerful and fault-resilient Oracle Exadata, we can now rapidly process 250,000 queries per second instead of 140,000 previously, without failures. This allows us to provide more reliable service to approximately 25 million au ID members and maximize business growth.

— Hidetaka Abe, General Manager, System Management Department, Advanced Business Development Division, Value-added Business Sector, KDDI Corp.

KDDI Provides Faster and Reliable Service for 25 Million au ID members and Supports Growth Strategy with Oracle

KDDI Corp. is a leading Japanese telecommunications service provider. It operates four key business segments—personal, value, business, and global services—and offers a range of services including mobile internet, voice and data communications, broadband, managed services, data centers, and network solutions, in both domestic and global markets. 

KDDI used legacy PostgreSQL database for its customer authentication ID —branded as au ID—and one-stop payment service platform to process monthly billings and digital content purchase. With the new “Multi-Use, Multi-Device, Multi-Network” (“3M”) growth strategy, KDDI needed to adopt a high performing and scalable system to meet the increased demands of au ID and payment transactions.
  • Support 3M growth strategy by constructing a robust and fault-resilient database platform to rapidly process massive volumes of payment transaction traffic from approximately 25 million au ID members 
  • Ensure uninterrupted mobile telecommunication service by eliminating system failures for core applications, including identification and payment service platform, and minimizing impact on processing au mobile service transactions
  • Enable seamless data migration to the new database platform with minimal downtime
  • Supported 3M growth strategy by adopting a high-performing Oracle Exadata Database Machine and accelerating throughput by almost 2x—processing 250,000 queries per second instead of 140,000 queries—without downtime
  • Provided stable telecom service by implementing Oracle Data Guard with Oracle Exadata and achieving zero large-scale system failure over the last two years 
  • Made it easier for IT staff to monitor system performance by providing a single view of hardware and software components with Oracle Enterprise Manager rather than using a complicated and hard to use legacy database
  • Avoided loss of business opportunities by leveraging Oracle Exadata’s InfiniBand technology to reliably process mobile service payment transactions during peak period, such as the beginning of each month when payment service resets the outstanding balance from the previous month
  • Minimized disruption to au service by successfully migrating the databases for 25 million au ID members’ ID information to the new platform within 4 hours with Oracle Exadata’s superior I/O capacity 


We selected Oracle Exadata over PostgreSQL not only for its superior performance, but also for the ease of data migration to the new platform with minimal modification. We were also impressed with the resilience and short restoration time of Oracle Data Guard, which ensures zero system failures.

— Isao Hirota, Platform Business Group Leader, System Management Department, Advanced Business Development Division, KDDI Corp.


After evaluating various vendors, KDDI replaced the legacy PostgreSQL database with Oracle Exadata. It conducted various testings for the interface between the legacy system and Oracle Exadata. KDDI then migrated more than 25 million au ID members ID information to Oracle Exadata in just 4 hours and went live with the new platform on time and within budget.

About KDDI Corporation


Tokyo, Japan



Annual Revenue

US$40 Billion
Founded in 2000, KDDI Corp. is one of the largest mobile telecommunication service providers in Japan, with more than 49 million subscribers. It also offers fixed-line networks, internet service, cloud platform, data centers, and system integration solutions. KDDI aims to expand its businesses to a full-spectrum ‘au Life Design’ solutions by adding payment, retail, energy, and financial services and creating an ‘au Economic Zone’ on top of the existing clients’ commercial realm. KDDI is the 2016 Oracle Excellence Award Winner of “Leadership in Infrastructure Transformation”.


Oracle Partner, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) already provided consultancy service to KDDI in other projects over the past years. KDDI engaged NRI again to develop a new database platform for the au ID and one-stop payment service based on Oracle Exadata. 

“NRI is a well-established and trust-worthy IT consultant and solution provider. With their deep understanding of our business requirements, we were confident that we could rapidly migrate massive volumes of au ID data to Oracle Exadata without failures”, said Keiichi Hisatsune, Assistant Manager, System Management Department, Advanced Business Development Division, KDDI Corp.
Published:  Nov 09, 2017