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The Kraft Heinz Company

Oracle Customer Success

Kraft Heinz reduces IT management costs using Oracle Cloud


The Kraft Heinz Company is the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world. Oracle helped the company reduce IT management costs by nearly 5X while implementing zero-based budgeting and improving planning accuracy.

Business challenges

The 150-year-old consumer goods company wanted to implement a global cost-management initiative based on a zero-based budgeting approach. It also wanted to improve its planning and budgeting system's scalability to support company growth, including growth through mergers and acquisitions, while interfacing with back-end financial management systems.

Also, Kraft Heinze needed to consolidate budgets across the entire company in real time and provide the flexibility needed to enable budget owners across food product lines to make changes to budgeting processes, without affecting users. That change would support more effective decision-making by enabling budget owners to access near real-time reports, rather than requiring them to wait for weekly updates that were dated and often inaccurate.

The company also looked to replace an error-prone Microsoft Excel and Access-based solution that did not scale effectively to 1,500 users across 40 countries in 5 time zones.

Plus, all this needed to be accomplished in four to five months to meet the management team's expectations for implementing a new cost-effective solution.

When we merged with Kraft, we had to roll Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service out to more than 600 new users in less than 2 months to meet our budgeting timeframe. Oracle provided the flexibility and scalability we needed to achieve our goal.

Julian Sherwin

Head of Zero Based Budgeting, The Kraft Heinz Company

Why the Kraft Heinz company chose Oracle

Kraft Heinz needed robust functionality and a trusted track record. Oracle Cloud Planning and Budgeting was significantly more cost-effective and feature-rich than the solutions that the company evaluated from Anaplan and SAP. Also, Oracle was the only option that could meet the company's accelerated timeline.



The Kraft Heinz Company completed the rapid implementation in just 4 months—across 40 countries and 5 time zones. The process included the design phase, solution build-out, 10 days of global end-user training, system testing, and production migration.

It implemented Oracle Cloud Planning and Budgeting across each of Kraft Heinz’s departments worldwide, and provided budgeting and planning process scalability as the company continues to grow. Its most recent merger, of H.J. Heinz Company and Kraft Foods, integrated more than 600 new users in fewer than 8 weeks.

Oracle helped automate budget consolidation in the cloud, provided transparency into the annual budgeting process, and supported real-time planning and budgeting for the consumer goods company.

Another plus was a standardized global budgeting template, interfaced with back-end SAP and Oracle financial management applications. It enabled budget entry in both Excel and web-based Oracle forms—ensuring ease of use and system acceptance for budget owners worldwide.

Kraft Heinz was able to accelerate reporting, enabling users to access budget reports in near real-time, rather than waiting up to a week to view reports that were dated or inaccurate—ultimately providing budget owners with more control.

Oracle's solution provided security controls so users can only view and update the information for which they are responsible, and reduced IT implementation, management, and maintenance costs by a factor of nearly 5X by leveraging the cloud budgeting system.

Published: September 1, 2019