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Kumanti Consulting Services Pvt., Ltd.

Oracle Customer Success

Kumanti Consulting Services supports future growth with Oracle ERP Cloud


Kumanti Consulting Services gains real-time financial insight, supports faster decisions, and enhances customer confidence with Oracle.

Kumanti Consulting Services Pvt., Ltd. is an Oracle Partner that specializes in providing consulting services for Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Cloud solutions, and other mobile and web applications. 

With the goal to offer the most relevant, efficient, secure, and scalable solutions to customers, Kumanti Consulting Services wanted to gain the experience to deploy a comprehensive and robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to provide better services to customers and enhance industry edge.

Business challenges

  • Improve business credibility by empowering the consulting team members with first-hand experience in implementing ERP cloud solutions for customers across the distribution and retail sectors
  • Support growth by using a modern and robust ERP system to provide deeper and valuable insight and make the right financial and resource-based decisions for the consulting services business

By moving to a flexible and scalable Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, we can access real-time financial data via a single dashboard and make faster and more informed decisions. Gaining the experience to deploy the solution also helps us increase credibility and customer confidence.

Anand Kalidass

Director and CEO, Kumanti Consulting Services Pvt., Ltd.

Why Kumanti Consulting Services Pvt., Ltd. Chose Oracle


After watching an online presentation and evaluating the virtual demos, Kumanti Consulting Services worked with Oracle and its finance department to define user requirements. The partner then migrated the opening balance and transaction data for a trial run, set up the GST, and configured the dashboard in Oracle ERP Cloud. It went live with the new platform in just two months.

“Our buying experience with Oracle was easy and quick. We simply signed up and bought the solutions online without even needing to see an Oracle person,” Kalidass said. “Oracle also invested many resources over the years to build and develop the product so we knew that we were buying a complete suite of enterprise solutions that will remain current, offer lower total cost of ownership, and support growth.”

Increased customer confidence by adopting Oracle ERP Cloud across the business and enabling the consulting team to build up their knowledge and capabilities to support the needs of customers and prospects, such as patching for Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Made faster and better decisions by allowing managers to access and analyze live financial data, such as cash flow position, on a summarization level or drill down to any transaction with a single dashboard, rather than waiting for staff members to manually create reports from multiple sources

Improved sales order information by capturing all customer data and revenue information, such as consulting assignments, into a single order hub and providing users with real-time insight into order statuses via Oracle Order Management Cloud Service Ensured data integrity and availability by feeding the data from the timesheet system into Oracle Financials for Midsize Cloud Service and providing accurate information, such as cost of goods sold for IT solutions  Enhanced user satisfaction by adopting a stable and intuitive Oracle ERP Cloud and helping users to reliably view and generate reports without any issue  Laid the foundation to support future growth by migrating to a robust Oracle ERP Cloud and making it easier to scale the business without increasing resources

It made perfect sense to choose Oracle—we are already an Oracle Partner and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud also offers the flexibility to scale our business as we grow.

Anand Kalidass

Director and CEO, Kumanti Consulting Services Pvt., Ltd.