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Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten

Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten Enhances Business Agility by Training Cross-Functional Development Teams in the Latest Java Technologies


Thanks to Oracle University, my programmers are now advanced Java developers who are confident in applying that knowledge in their daily work. This has significantly boosted our options for rapidly developing applications that meet the needs of our 4.5 million health insurance customers.

— Ivan Belis, Java Coach, Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten

Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten, commonly known as Christelijke Mutualiteit (CM), is the largest health insurance fund in Belgium. It consolidates 19 regional health insurance funds including 11 Flemish, 7 Walloon, and 1 bilingual fund, and is active throughout the country. With 4.5 million members, CM serves a crucial role in the national health insurance sector, liaising between the government and its citizens, and providing a range of services including payment for emergency or outpatient treatment, and reimbursement or compensation for medical and associated expenses due to illness or injury.

  • Support the IT department in maintaining and developing an increasing number of Java applications used to administer health insurance services, by transferring knowledge to experienced in-house programmers from diverse technological backgrounds who possess deep functional skills but lack experience in object-oriented development and web-based applications
  • Provide IT developers with a comprehensive, consistent training plan to boost development productivity, enhance employee engagement and collaboration, and reduce staff turnover
  • Deploy a phased Java training program which includes practical scenarios specifically tailored to the needs of both CM’s health insurance business and the diversity of its development teams in terms of functional and technical knowledge and experience
  • Increased business agility and competitiveness, enhanced internal talent base, and improved collaboration on IT projects—for example developing applications for internet-based health insurance services—by using Oracle University to deliver a multi-phased, comprehensive training package consisting of 10 Java-based courses
  • Enabled the IT department to provide services to business units more rapidly, while meeting application maintenance and development needs, by boosting Java skills across several functional teams—for example by empowering junior developers to take care of basic coding so that senior staff can focus on more complex tasks
  • Delivered a flexible, progressive, three-year training program—with two months between courses to allow participants to apply the new learning to their daily working lives before moving on to the next module—optimizing the employee learning experience, while continually enhancing the internal talent pool responsible for the maintenance and development of Java applications used by millions of health insurance fund members
  • Provided employees with a long-term Java training plan that encourages team collaboration and talent development—increasing IT staff retention, and providing new career paths for functionally knowledgeable developers whose technical expertise was becoming increasingly outdated due to the growing need in the health insurance services industry for web-based applications
  • Conducted Private Event training at CM’s headquarters to minimize training travel expenses and administration and to facilitate the replication of real-world programming scenarios using the company’s own development environment—for example, developing a Java application for a new medical insurance service, or modifying an existing application following a government policy change
  • Ensured consistency and high quality of training delivery thanks to the long-term partnership with Oracle University—enabling the three-year training program to be delivered by a single trainer, who had been specifically requested by CM following an internal recommendation
  • Delivered classroom-based training for 12 employees possessing a diverse range of skills and expertise—including functionally-experienced COBOL programmers; visual basic, 4GL, and C++ developers; and recently-hired IT graduates—facilitating knowledge sharing and enhancing internal relationships and cooperation on future projects


We chose Oracle for its ability to provide multi-year partnerships, high level of Java expertise, top quality training staff, and a consistency that other training vendors could not provide. Oracle was also able to tailor its courses to suit the needs of our business and the diversity of our staff.

— Ivan Belis, Java Coach, Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten

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Published:  Oct 10, 2016