Larger Than Life leverages cloud services for efficient manufacturing process

Larger Than Life streamlines digital printing order and delivery processes with cloud services.

Larger Than Life is a midsize out-of-home digital printing company that produces large banners, billboards, vehicle wraps, bus and taxi advertisements, and more. The company manages 10 presses that run 6 days a week for 20 hours a day to produce up to 500,000 square feet of product daily.

Larger Than Life—a firm that operates in a fragmented industry heavily populated by small shops that run high-tech equipment with low-tech, manual workflow processes—sought to break the mold by completely transforming the way it does business.


Oracle enabled us to build a tightly integrated cloud ERP system and online ordering portal that links to our manufacturing floor via mobile devices—helping us to innovate now and into the future.

Matt RaakerDirector of Operations, Larger Than Life, Inc.

Business challenges

The company needed to transform the company’s business model to offer an online printing portal to customers and other print manufacturing businesses via the cloud and mobile devices.

Also, it wanted to deploy a cloud solution that automates manufacturing and integrates online ordering into the process to reduce the risk of manual errors and improve customer satisfaction.

One of the biggest reasons we selected Oracle was because we knew it would enable us to access everything we needed from any device. Oracle Cloud offered us a great avenue to have that worldwide mobility. We got what we wanted and more.

Matt Raakerdirector of Operations, Larger Than Life, Inc.

Why Larger Than Life chose Oracle

Larger Than Life chose Oracle Cloud and Lift Software to become more agile. The company built a tightly integrated ERP system and an online ordering portal that does everything from order entry and capture to fulfillment, as well as shipping.


Launched an entirely new business called Lift Software, with Larger than Life as an inaugural customer. The business was designed to build and market cloud software for the niche digital printing industry using Oracle Cloud.

Built in just 12 months, a tightly integrated cloud ERP system and online ordering portal links to the manufacturing floor via mobile devices, streamlining end-to-end digital printing processes and reducing the risk of manual errors.

Oracle helped the company go to market faster with innovative services—such as enabling customers to simulate ad campaigns on various locations such as stadiums and train stations or create their own orders using the online portal from the mobile device of their choice—to ensure increased profitability.

Larger Than Life saw Increased productivity by enabling its users—from printing press operators to shop floor employees (welders, clear coaters, laminators) to customer service representatives and graphic designers—to do more with less through automated processes.

Oracle's solution enabled the new system to automatically calculate production specifications such as banner or billboard dimensions and materials—eliminating a cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone manual process and speeding up production.

Larger Than Life could extend automation to the factory floor, where the solution automatically disseminates work orders based on machine availability and order specs via mobile devices—streamlining a heavily manual, folder-based process, where each folder could contain 50 different billboard orders.

Also, the company developed functioning prototype screens that demonstrated most of the different projected functionality for Lift Software using Oracle Application Express

Larger Than Life avoided the cost and maintenance of building and maintaining a data center and helped the company not only work more efficiently, but also concentrate on digital innovation rather than managing a data center.

In addition, the company got started with its new cloud environment without a massive entry cost, thanks to Oracle’s Accelerated Buying Experience.

Larger Than Life can easily scale and support rapid growth, thanks to automation and the cloud.

Published:July 31, 2020