LCA-Vision brings flexible financing options into focus with Oracle

The provider of vision-correction services deployed Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing to give patients flexible financing options.


Quality care and an exceptional patient experience are the core of our business. Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing empowers us to deliver innovative financing options to our patients, while bringing new levels of automation, efficiency, and security to the finance process.

Joe HauckVice President of Information Technology Systems, LCA-Vision

Business challenges

The US Food and Drug Administration first approved laser vision correction 27 years ago, giving rise to the most popular such procedure known as laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis—or LASIK. Since LASIK is typically an elective, self-pay procedure, patients seek providers who can deliver both quality care and convenient finance plans. LCA-Vision, one of the leading providers of LASIK surgery, was delivering on high-quality care, but the company needed new technology to efficiently offer its range of finance options.

LCA-Vision’s legacy finance system and accompanying hardware were nearing end-of-life, so the company faced a decision about the best path forward to support continued service innovation. Company leaders knew they needed a flexible and robust platform that would make the finance process simple for staff and patients alike.

The Oracle Consulting team was with us every step of the way, helping to guide decisions, advise on best practices, and troubleshoot any speed bumps along the way. We could not have asked for a better partner from start to finish.

Joe HauckVice President of Information Technology Systems, LCA-Vision

Why LCA-Vision chose Oracle

LCA-Vision had been running an earlier version of Oracle’s lending product. When it came time to upgrade, the company did its due diligence and considered several applications. It quickly determined that only Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing could deliver the critical capabilities in the way it needed, such as auto-payment file generation and automated fee handling. Plus, with guidance from Oracle Consulting, the company was able to implement the solution and migrate the existing portfolio very quickly.


LCA-Vision deployed the newest version of Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing to support end-to-end digital lending on a single platform. The solution enables the company to provide a seamless and secure finance experience for patients—from credit application to payment setup to collections. The solution also enables LCA-Vision to deliver flexible payment schedules and terms, further elevating the customer experience.

Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing boosts LCA-Vision’s back-office efficiency. Auto-payment file generation and automated fee handling, for example, accelerate processing and avoid costly manual intervention, allowing team members to focus on other priorities.

The Oracle lending solution and LCA-Vision’s proprietary patient management system both run on Oracle Database, which eases integration between the platforms. It also enables greater transparency into the complete patient relationship. For example, a customer service representative at one of the company’s surgical centers can immediately inform a client of their loan payoff amount. Conversely, center personnel are also automatically alerted if a patient defaults on a loan, so they can take proactive steps to secure collection of the amount owed.


LCA-Vision worked with Oracle Consulting to ensure a smooth deployment that spanned hardware, database, and application upgrades.

Published:June 16, 2022

About the customer

LCA-Vision, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides laser vision correction at approximately 120 LasikPlus facilities. Committed to care and service innovation, the company offers finance options such as its in-house Premier Pay program, which allows clients to make monthly installment payments.