Leidos paves the way for growth with help from Oracle Software Investment Advisory

Aviation and defense leader turns to Oracle Software Investment Advisory to help support an ambitious growth strategy.


Oracle SIA was prompt, knowledgeable, and capable of comprehending our multifaceted business environment. They helped me better understand our complex licenses and entitlements and helped us create a deal that builds on and strengthens our partnership.

R. TataSenior Manager, Database Services, Office of the CIO, Leidos

Business challenges

Leidos had an Oracle unlimited license agreement (ULA) that was up for renewal. The ULA was underused—it was initially meant for use on very specific projects, and those projects did not grow as expected. The company was also considering a move to the cloud and was evaluating Amazon Web Services. However, before deciding whether to renew or to certify the ULA for its move to the cloud, Leidos sought a better understanding of its current Oracle on-premises deployments, which included Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle GoldenGate Foundation Suite, Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, and Oracle Advanced Security.

Leidos needed help understanding the licensing policies for its existing database products. In addition, the forward-looking company was also engaged in significant mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity and needed to ensure that new acquisitions complied with Oracle licensing requirements.

Why Leidos chose Oracle

First, Oracle Software Investment Advisory gave Leidos an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the licenses it owned and the terms of its existing ULA. Next, once Oracle Software Investment Advisory gained a thorough understanding of the company’s growth initiatives and strategic priorities, they presented various scenarios—including an option for Leidos to extend its ULA to meet the company’s future license provisioning needs. That was critical, as the company was not aware that the ULA could be expanded. As a result of the credibility, trust, and transparency demonstrated by Oracle Software Investment Advisory, Leidos was able to add more products that were a better fit for its growth strategy—such as Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Diagnostics Framework, Oracle Tuning Pack, and Oracle Real Application Clusters—and to obtain more favorable terms.

With a better understanding of its Oracle footprint, Leidos executives were able to convince leadership that expanding the Oracle ULA and using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was a better option than certifying the ULA and moving to AWS.


Oracle Software Investment Advisory helped the company understand its M&A buffer, which extends coverage to additional entities Leidos acquires—a particularly timely benefit in light of the company’s new and planned acquisitions.

Thanks to Oracle Software Investment Advisory, Leidos’ new ULA includes a more robust list of products, provides more flexibility, and supports the company’s OCI migration. Leidos now has unlimited deployment rights to Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Diagnostics, Oracle Tuning Pack, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Real Application Clusters, and Oracle Database Cloud Multitenant Service, which removes the need to procure these licenses transactionally. The expanded ULA also significantly minimizes the company’s overhead costs associated with managing the procurement, tracking, and repurposing of its licenses. The company gains both cost savings and the knowledge that it has a trusted partner available to help manage future growth.

Published:August 30, 2022

About the customer

Leidos is a defense, aviation, information technology, and biomedical research company headquartered in Reston, Virginia. The organization works extensively with the Defense Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the US intelligence community, as well as with other US government agencies and select commercial markets.