Lessonly improved their sales and marketing efficiency by focusing on best-fit accounts

Founded in 2012, Lessonly is a team learning platform that helps teams learn, practice, and perform at the highest level.


We love using DataFox. It helps us align our ABM and prospecting efforts better than any piece of software I've used in the past. Our marketing team uses DataFox to create dynamic lists of high-scoring accounts which are pulled into our ABM model and support outbound sales.

Kyle LacyVice President of Marketing, Lessonly

Business challenges

  • Align sales and marketing on best-fit accounts
  • With no standardized measure of account quality, Lessonly couldn’t identify their best-fit accounts and was wasting resources on accounts not in their target market.
  • Looking to deploy sales and marketing on the same high-value accounts, Lessonly needed a customized way to score accounts and automate the account selection process.

Why Lessonly chose Oracle

Implement a named account engine that works across teams


Account Scoring

  • Create and apply weights to enriched data points and score accounts based on your ideal customer profile
  • Update the model yourself at anytime and be confident you’re adjusting for a growing addressable market


Account Prioritization

  • Validate account quality based on a customized account score and prioritize high-scoring accounts for ABM and SDR campaigns
  • Help marketing and sales target not only the right accounts but also the same accounts, amplifying both their efforts


Territory Balancing

  • Based on account score, create a tiering system to make sure every rep has the same number of quality accounts per tier
  • Automate the account selection process by equitably distributing named accounts and ensuring every rep has equal opportunity


Improved sales and marketing productivity

A controllable and transparent account scoring model was the foundation for Lessonly’s account-based approach that properly aligned sales and marketing resources on high-value prospects.

The customized scoring model was based on ICP criteria to surface best-fit accounts while visibility into the score informed every rep why an account qualifies as a good fit.

This enabled Lessonly to:

  • Use account scoring to create a tiering system with four levels
  • Create a named account engine that automates the account selection process and evenly distributes accounts so every rep has the same number of quality accounts at any given time
  • Prioritize high-scoring accounts so both sales and marketing resources are deployed on the same accounts
  • 10,219 new accounts pushed to sales
  • 1,000 new target accounts identified in first week
  • 56,650 accounts enriched with updated data points
Published:March 8, 2019