LinkSquares used DataFox to build a custom account scoring model and surface best-fit accounts

For high-growth companies who need to know what's in their contracts without having to read them one at a time, LinkSquares is easy, fast, and accurate contract analytics, delivered through an AI-powered cloud.

I know the value of having more focus on the customers that matter and DataFox helped me to do that.

Vishal SunakCEO, LinkSquares

Business challenges

To build out the foundation of his team’s account-based strategy, LinkSquares CEO, Vishal Sunak was looking for a strategic data partner. As a long-time Director of Sales Operations, Sunak knew that gathering the right data, and prioritizing accounts accordingly, was an integral part of executing an account-based approach.

I’ve been exposed to predictive solutions before, sometimes it feels like it’s too much like a black box—you put accounts in and you get an output, but you don't really know why. For someone like me, with sales and marketing ops experience, I've worked with scoring in the past and I’ve found that having control of the score was more beneficial for me. It was everything I needed, really and exactly how I would have done it myself.

Vishal SunakCEO, LinkSquares

Get the Details

Sunak knew that executing an account-based strategy, first and foremost required high quality account data. LinkSquares initially was interested in DataFox for the granularity and reliability of the account data.

“I would have chosen DataFox either way because of the quality of the account information,” said Sunak. “But when I learned about the account scoring, it really made the decision to go with DataFox that much easier.“

Unlike other providers LinkSquares evaluated, DataFox was able to deliver:

Hard-to-find account data - Using AI-powered, human verified, and partner curated data, the DataFox dataset focuses on the account first and foremost, including firmographic, technographic, and signal data on over four-million companies.

Transparent and controllable account scoring - DataFox allows users to incorporate new datasets automatically and iterate on the scoring model at any time. Account scores adapt in lock-step with a company’s continuously evolving strategy.

Credible market prioritization - Account Scoring empowers the whole team: from the head of operations to the individual contributor. Every member can see underlying criteria and understand the rationale for a score, and therefore not only believe it, but buy it.

LinkSquares Sees Results

“Scoring should be something that evolves overtime. It should be refined based on feedback and commentary. We’re always trying to find the most efficient way to work the accounts that look like our best accounts. Reliable account scoring enables me to take away accounts that we shouldn’t work without reps feeling like they’ve lost something. Our company evolved with the help of DataFox. We needed to set the foundation of our scoring model to ultimately be able to work much faster,” states Sunak.

A universe of new and existing target accounts - “With DataFox Account Scoring, the number is backed by all the analysis work that I’ve done to support why I believe an account is a good fit. We now have a targeted universe of prospect accounts, without any guess work.

Credible account scores that earn trust from reps - “With the DataFox account score, any of our reps can go in, take a look at a company that scored high, and actually see the breakdown and understand why. It really helps me win a lot of credibility with my sales team. It offers great insight, great transparency and a really great scoring information that ultimately gives them confidence that they should spend their time there.”

A scoring model that improves over time - “Account Scoring enables a better working relationship because you can include feedback at any time. One of my reps pointed out that an industry was starting to bubble up that we hadn’t had success with. He suggested that we take the keyword out associated with the accounts, because it was surfacing companies that we had tried repeatedly from an industry that just wasn’t the right fit. I was able to remove the keyword based on his feedback, and see results immediately.”

Published:March 12, 2019