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Lochbridge Transforms Business with Oracle Cloud Solutions


We strive to be the world’s preeminent connected car and broader internet of things integrator, and Oracle is a critical partner on our journey. Oracle inherently delivers an end-to-end stack in the cloud—from Infrastructure as a Service to Platform as a Service and beyond.

— Romil Bahl, CEO, Lochbridge

Lochbridge Amplifies Position in Marketplace by Building Cross-Industry Internet of Things Acceleration Framework on Cloud Solutions

For more than four decades, Lochbridge has been a trusted technology partner to enterprises worldwide. It develops technology strategies that drive growth; delivers systems that are the backbone of leading enterprises; and transforms businesses through emerging technologies, including mobile, internet of things (IoT), and big data analytics.

The technology consulting and services provider specializing in IoT innovation selected Oracle Cloud Platform solutions to help its customers—that operate in a variety of industries from insurance to automotive manufacturing to healthcare—bring IoT innovations to market more quickly. With immediate access to connected insights, Lochbridge’s customers can enhance their customer experience.

Lochbridge - Oracle Cloud Services Improve Their Business

  • Transform Lochbridge’s business to deliver projects and solutions as well as amplify its position as an independent software vendor (ISV) that produces real intellectual property (IP)-based, asset-based solutions
  • Help Lochbridge’s customers—across a variety of industries—accelerate development of IoT-based solutions and increase their competitive advantage
  • Gained a scalable, cloud platform that enabled Lochbridge to save 40% on development costs
  • Used Oracle Cloud to more quickly and cost effectively build Lochbridge’s core asset and go-to-market IP—an IoT acceleration framework that enables the company’s clients to connect to edge devices, from automobiles to refrigerators to microwave ovens and more
  • Leveraged the scalability of Oracle’s IoT platform to enable Lochbridge to design custom IoT solutions that provide insights that help its customers uncover new operational efficiencies or identify new revenue opportunities
  • Took advantage of out-of-the-box Oracle platform functionality to enable Lochbridge to rapidly engage with and onboard potential customers
  • Enabled Lochbridge to assimilate and analyze massive amounts of data to help its clients monetize that data with Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Built a Diagnostics as a Service solution to provide Lochbridge’s customers with a way to connect their devices to gather data to identify insights and patterns that help improve their products, reduce warranty and repair costs, and more
  • Built a Risk Analytics as a Service solution for automotive and insurance customers that provides a usage-based insurance and risk diagnostics service that helps insurers more accurately set premiums based on not just the driver’s driving habits but also considers relevant contextual information
  • Leveraged, as part of Lochbridge’s IoT acceleration framework, Oracle Java Cloud Service to help build a tool that enables third parties to test their applications before an automobile manufacturer or original equipment manufacturer will allow that application to go live on their head unit


We selected Oracle because we needed a partner that went beyond just providing Infrastructure as a Service. We needed Platform as a Service, Internet of Things cloud services, and Applications as a Service. The fact that Oracle inherently provides all three of those stacks was critical to us.

— Romil Bahl, CEO, Lochbridge


“We deployed Oracle Database Cloud Service first, followed by the remainder of the Oracle solutions. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service are the latest that we are adopting,” Bahl said.

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Published:  May 17, 2017