Lutrija BiH achieves 668% return on investment with Oracle

Lottery Bosnia and Herzegovina boosts player registration and online gaming revenue with Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform and Oracle Responsys.


We invested €160,000 in Oracle licenses, implementation, services, and media campaigns. We expect an approximate €1.1 million annual revenue resulting from this campaign—a staggering 668% return on investment.

Alma AjanovicDeputy Marketing Director, Lottery Bosnia and Herzegovina (Lutrija BiH)

Business challenges

The Bosnia and Herzegovina national lottery and sports betting company operates outlets across the country where players socialize, play games, and place bets. In 2019, Lottery Bosnia and Herzegovina (Lutrija BiH) began a project to increase online gaming and betting revenues. The company needed to steer the target audience to the organization’s digital channels and convert registered users into loyal online players. But during the first year, online registrations were too low to be considered a significant business.

First, Lutrija BiH had to increase the number of online subscribers. Doing that would require omnichannel program management to collect data for targeting purposes from many different sources, including the company’s website and landing pages, as well media campaigns and sponsorships.

Another key challenge was to keep users active once they were on the site, in order to increase revenue from each registered player.

Oracle Responsys is a true cross-channel campaign management platform. With our campaigns, we have reached almost every single household in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Alma AjanovicDeputy Marketing Director, Lottery Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why Lutrija BiH Chose Oracle

Lutrija BiH appreciated how the Oracle sales team and Oracle's certified partners, Labrys and Comtrade, worked together. It took only six weeks to deploy Oracle BlueKai and Oracle Responsys, with all the necessary integrations.


Lutrija BiH integrated Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform and Oracle Responsys Campaign Management with its back-end systems. The organization then created a sweepstakes campaign along with a welcome campaign for new users that invited contestants to a landing page. As a result, Lutrija BiH achieved a 58% increase in online player registrations, an 81% increase in monthly game plays, and a 37% increase in monthly online gaming and betting revenues.

To prepare the campaign, the organization collected Oracle BlueKai-generated player profiles by tracking website visits, media campaign responses, and email registrations. The company also took the audience’s past betting amounts into consideration when that data was available.

Lutrija BiH then used player profiles to create targeted audiences and tailored content for the final campaigns, and ran those across digital advertising channels using Oracle Responsys. It collected the online users’ digital footprints through Oracle BlueKai and classified user behaviors.

With the platforms integrated, “we sent interaction details from Oracle Responsys to Oracle BlueKai, where we managed to enrich profile attributes and create special audiences to retarget in various digital channels, such as Facebook and Instagram,” Ajanovic says. Compared to previous campaigns, the audiences performed 28% better.

During the campaigns, Lutrija BiH collected two distinct data sets: audiences who only registered for the draw and audiences who registered both as players and as draw contestants. Registered players were put into a welcome campaign through Oracle Responsys, while audiences who registered only for the draw were invited to become a registered player. Lutrija BiH provided benefits to draw contestants to convert them into registered players.

The overall returns of the campaigns were calculated as a proportion of the technology and media investments versus the revenues generated through these campaigns. The major indicators tracked were total investment, media cost, total revenue, monthly revenue, average spend per user, and transactions per game.

The organization also created interaction-based audiences by delivering enriched player profiles from the first day of the campaign to Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Lutrija BiH achieved a match rate beyond 90% for retargeting and advertising channel orchestration. In addition to the new players the campaign generated, the campaign helped Lutrija BiH reactivate many players without having to provide bonuses.


Lutrija BiH worked with Oracle Certified Partners Labrys and Comtrade to deploy the Oracle applications, as well as to integrate with the organization’s back-end systems.

“Labrys and Comtrade have provided not only implementation services but have guided us through building the actual campaigns. They have also played an instrumental role in understanding our needs, designing the solution, and crafting a winning campaign cycle,” says Alma Ajanovic, deputy marketing director for Lottery Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Published:November 5, 2021