LuxSci offers highly secure email and web services with OCI

Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) allows LuxSci to provide secure HIPAA-compliant email and web services to security-conscious customers.


Oracle's security-first public cloud includes security and reliability features that were previously only available through expensive, dedicated hardware solutions. These unique features enable us to provide more robust, secure, and affordable options to a wider market of customers, thus helping more organizations climb higher up the security curve.

Erik KangasCEO and Founder, LuxSci

Business challenges

The leader in HIPAA-compliant secure email communication and web hosting, LuxSci has more than 20 years of experience protecting sensitive healthcare information online. The digital age brought new challenges, such as the rapid expansion of telemedicine, an increase in cyberattacks, and a broader array of organizations in the healthcare sector seeking secure, but cost-effective cloud-based solutions. LuxSci sought a partner that could help expand the company’s customer base without compromising the integrity of its products.

Our mission is to protect data and communication through solutions that deliver high security combined with a high degree of flexibility so that our customers can meet their compliance requirements while also solving their unique business workflow needs. OCI’s configuration options help us architect attractive custom deployments for our customers at a price they can afford.

Erik KangasCEO, LuxSci

Why LuxSci Chose Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s features mitigate many common public cloud issues and make higher security more affordable. OCI’s security-first design, encryption by default, and the computing model proactively address many threat vectors and enable encryption of the data storage channel, which significantly mitigates many common computing security risks. The regional load balancing capability and high availability deployment options enabled by OCI allow LuxSci to tailor its offerings to specific customer needs, without adding a high price tag.

Reliability is a central part of security and essential to LuxSci’s business functions. HIPAA customers require backups and redundancy to ensure their systems are always high-functioning and operational. By switching to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, LuxSci is able to provide highly secure and custom solutions for customers of all sizes.


LuxSci is now using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to provide the underlying dedicated compute infrastructures for customers using all of the company’s core services. LuxSci’s secure communications solutions include sending high volumes of HIPAA-compliant email, securing business-critical email, and managing web hosting and compliance for web applications. OCI’s security-first approach parallels LuxSci’s own dedication to privacy and data security, making OCI an ideal partner for LuxSci as the company grows.

Measurable performance improvements include memory that is 10 to 20 times faster compared to other public clouds and markedly improved CPU performance, particularly when servers are running below 100% capacity. This is a real win with customers, whose email and web services are speedier and more responsive.

Storage is always encrypted, and the solution enables greater segmentation of virtual machines at the CPU and networking layer, with baked-in distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection for all network traffic.

These performance improvements and capabilities, combined with OCI's highly flexible and secure server configuration options, mean that LuxSci can deliver larger quantities of HIPAA-compliant email messages faster and more reliably than they could using comparable servers hosted elsewhere. With OCI, LuxSci can also architect more custom deployments for their customers, significantly increasing the attractiveness of the company’s offerings for customers of all sizes.

Published:April 20, 2021