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Oracle Customer Success — MCH Strategic Data

MCH Strategic Data

MCH Strategic Data Increases Data Security and Accessibility with Oracle Cloud


The biggest compliment I can offer to Oracle Cloud is the fact that it is there. For a small company, that is huge. When I go to bed at night, it is there, and when I get up in the morning, it is there. I know it is reliable, and is going to work for us for the long haul.

— Brian Vogelsmeier, Director of Information Technology, MCH Strategic Data

MCH Strategic Data Leverages the Cloud to Deliver Enterprise Database Capabilities to Clients

MCH Strategic Data has been in the business of compiling comprehensive, high-quality institutional databases for more than 85 years.

Collecting data is paramount to MCH Strategic Data’s business of providing data solutions and solving business challenges for its clients. In response to business challenges, the company deployed Oracle Database Cloud Service to ensure fast and predictable performance, reliable security, superior customer service, and elastic scalability of its client-facing systems.

MCH Finds Enterprise Capabilities in Oracle Database Cloud

  • Provide highly available, secure data access to the company’s institutional clients by moving all client-facing systems to the cloud, enabling MCH to add more clients faster and ensure secure, reliable access to data and services
  • Enhance agility to support the company’s rapid business growth
  • Deployed Oracle Database Cloud Service to enable MCH Strategic Data’s client-facing systems to provision new database environments fast, accelerate time to market from months to weeks, scale to meet business growth and increased workloads, and securely share data with clients
  • Enabled MCH Strategic Data to securely manage client-facing systems in the Oracle Cloud and effectively deliver enterprise database capabilities with 1.5 million institutions and 9.1 million decision makers
  • Provisioned a complete Oracle Database in a cloud environment in a few minutes and got started immediately without upfront costs—ultimately enhancing the customer experience and enabling the IT team to focus their attention on more value-add activities
  • Improved data security thanks to the intelligent data security features in Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Leveraged familiar technology by simply moving its client-facing database systems to the cloud, eliminating the need for MCH Strategic Data to rely on the number of internal IT resources and technology tools to manage the environment
  • Established a development and technology environment that provides MCH Strategic Data the flexibility and scalability to grow its business
  • Automated administration tasks—such as patching, upgrades, backup, and recovery—allowing database administrators to spend more time on innovation


We needed a vendor that could get us up and running quickly with best-in-class database technology. Oracle gave us exactly what we were looking for. Oracle Cloud enables us to rapidly leverage the power of data in the cloud for business insights that drive our customers’ success.

— Brian Vogelsmeier, Director of Information Technology, MCH Strategic Data


“Time to market for this project was very remarkable as it took us approximately six weeks to complete. We actually signed on to start the Oracle Database Cloud Service with a different project in mind, and then this project came up. And it was one of those things we had to get done immediately,” Vogelsmeier said.

About MCH Strategic Data


Sweet Springs, MO, United States

MCH Strategic Data’s services range from data purchases, licensing, easy-integration, hygiene, and analytics. Providing its clients accurate data is a must in today’s ever-changing environment. That passion for accuracy has fueled MCH Strategic Data’s ability to innovate and revolutionize the institutional data business.

Published:  Jan 30, 2017