Telecom sees 95% customer satisfaction with Oracle Cloud

With 24/7 system availability, MCM Telecommunications delivers better services and shortens its financial close.


I used to worry because users called me on weekends due to losing communication with the platform or not having access. Today, after migrating to Oracle Cloud ERP, that no longer happens because the server is available 24/7, and they can access it when they need it.

Oscar HernandezOperations and Database Manager, MCM Telecommunications

Business challenges

MCM Telecomunicaciones is one of Mexico's leading telecoms. With the largest fiber optic network in the country, the company operates in major cities and industrial areas, such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Querétaro, providing communication services like IP-based telephony, hosting, dedicated links, and a data center to its customers.

With a focus on large users such as corporations, governments, and universities, MCM has an exclusive network for its customers to maximize resources. The telecom’s mission is to offer simple and efficient telecommunications that lets customers increase their productivity with security, simplicity, and value.

To deliver these services and fulfill its mission, MCM Telecommunications always seeks to be at the forefront of technology and innovation. MCM was the first telecommunications provider in Mexico to offer services such as business Voice over IP communication, hosted IP-PBX services, and speeds of 10 GB to 100 GB.

All that innovation also created challenges, such as remaining competitive and always keeping the company’s infrastructure up to date so that customers receive quality service.

Our HR is passionate about Oracle Cloud HCM because it brought order and so much more control. They’re very happy.

Oscar HernandezOperations and Database Manager, MCM Telecommunications

Why MCM Telecommunications Chose Oracle

That need to upgrade infrastructure reinforced the alliance MCM Telecommunications already had with Oracle. The company was already using Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, and Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM when it decided to modernize its infrastructure.

Oscar Hernandez, MCM’s operations and database manager, said that the need for high-availability servers, and the work involved in updating and maintaining databases and servers made the company look for cloud providers. Cost transparency was Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's differentiating factor.

“We made a market comparison and the main competitor offered us a low initial price for the server, but the costs for added features kept piling up and the price only increased. With Oracle, it was always transparent, and we were always shown the final price. Something we liked a lot was the possibility of buying Universal Credits and being able to use them as we wanted,” Hernandez says.


Oracle Cloud helped raise the telecom’s customer satisfaction rate to 95%, and reduced service tickets by 90%.

Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) also brought benefits, including platform availability and integration with other systems.

“We used to have six months of available data, and when a customer needed one or two years of data, it was a Titanic job to retrieve the information. Today, we have 36 months of data available directly to the customer through our portal," Hernandez says.

Another advantage was the company’s integration with Oracle Cloud ERP. “We uploaded our ERP to OCI and simulated a private cloud for ourselves, which guaranteed high availability. It used to be necessary to pause the server to make a backup, but today, that’s no longer necessary—availability is 100%," he says.

The 24/7 availability also paid off in the accounting close. Before, MCM needed to agree with IT on accounting close dates to ensure that the database would be available and updates or patches wouldn’t become a bottleneck. Today, all systems are 100% available, which helped the telecom’s finance team cut the accounting close time from one week to two days.

Published:March 17, 2021