Medallia drives global expansion with Oracle Cloud

The customer and employee experience management company taps Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to boost performance, support global growth, and lower costs.


Oracle gives us unmatched scale, security, and performance.

Leslie StretchCEO, Medallia
Medallia customer success video

Business challenges

A repeat website visit. An abandoned shopping cart. The stress in a customer’s voice on a customer service call. These and countless other signals are clues about customer experience—and Medallia captures and analyzes them all.

More than 1,000 leading brands, such as Samsung, IBM, and Comcast, rely on Medallia Experience Cloud to learn how customers think and feel and what they might buy. The SaaS-based platform gathers information on every channel—web surveys, email, voice, social media, in-store, and more—using proprietary AI and machine learning to process billions of signals and predict customer behavior.

As Medallia grows, so do the company’s business challenges—rising data center costs, additional data residency requirements for international expansion, and lack of standardized platforms to deploy new services. As a company with a big idea that took off like a rocket, Medallia needed a significant upgrade from its on-premises infrastructure.

“We serve the world’s top businesses and we do it at scale,” says Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch. “We must serve our customers, regardless of size and geographic location, while meeting the most stringent requirements for security and data residency.”

We serve the world’s top businesses and we do it at scale. Oracle Cloud will enable us to continue to scale aggressively.

Leslie StretchCEO, Medallia

Why Medallia Chose Oracle

The company considered a number of cloud providers, but tapped Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as a preferred cloud infrastructure provider because increased performance, reduced costs, and a global data center footprint were all essential to a successful global expansion. 

As part of a multicloud strategy, the company will move its flagship product, Medallia Experience Cloud to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. OCI’s platform availability, support of container services, ease of use, and scalability provide a strong foundation for business growth.

“Medallia customers desire choice without compromising security, data privacy, and scalability," says Pardha Reddy, the company's CTO. "Medallia Experience Cloud is a containerized cloud architecture with orchestration using Kubernetes. This allows us to deploy our SaaS applications to multiple cloud platforms without any changes to application code. We chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as part of our multicloud strategy because of Oracle’s geographic breadth in combination with attractive price-performance and an exceptional white glove support."

The partnership extends Medallia’s collaboration with Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX), announced in 2020 to help brands improve customer engagement.


It took only two months to move Medallia’s platform to OCI, “a true testament,” Stretch says, to Medallia’s planning and OCI’s maturity.

Running on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes and OCI Functions, Medallia achieves significant performance improvements and decreased costs compared to other cloud providers.

As Medallia expands globally, more of its customers will be better equipped to understand consumers, decrease churn, and sharpen decisions that impact revenue.

“When you integrate our Experience Cloud with OCI and Oracle CX, you’ve got a dynamite mixture,” Stretch says. “Now more than ever, customer engagements must be frictionless for brands to build relationships. Our partnership with Oracle will arm service teams with intelligence they can use to turn the customer experience into revenue.”


Medallia is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork. Medallia solutions are available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, where customers can search for available applications and services to find the best solutions for their organization.

Published:September 23, 2021