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Metallo Group

Oracle Customer Success

Metallo Group expands Business Intelligence to all operations with Oracle


Metallo Group optimizes complex recycling processes and refines business model using Oracle Business Intelligence.

Metallo Group processes 350,000 tons of scrap, with a focus on complex, low grade items, every year and recycles it into pure tin, lead, electrolytic copper, copper anodes, and other products that give waste materials a second life. It is a complex business that requires high attention to detail. Metallo’s managers need to keep a close eye on the information generated across operations—covering everything from financial data to material flows, production facility maintenance, and even the workplace air quality required for compliance with EU legislation.

Struggling to sustain this flow of information, with data from several sources, Metallo wanted to replace multiple legacy systems with a modern business intelligence solution that provided insight into all areas operations faster, more efficiently, and more consistently.

Business challenges

Provide new insights to optimize the processing of low-grade scrap into profitable products like copper cathodes and tin ingots

Consolidate data from several sources including finance, production, and maintenance to create a single source of trustful information

Present data on the complex metals recycling process in a visualized format that is easy for managers from all areas of the business to understand and analyze

Reduce manual IT tasks by automating the delivery of consistent and frequent reports

We used to have executives from all areas of the business coming up with different figures; we had no single source of the truth. Oracle Business Intelligence changed everything, helping us deliver fast, insightful, and consistent reporting to optimize all areas of operations.

Luc Verhelst

CIO, Metallo Group

Why Metallo Group Chose Oracle

After experiencing problems extracting meaningful reports from legacy systems, most of them IBM AS/400 based, Metallo needed a completely new start. It opted for Oracle because of its proven capability in data warehousing, business intelligence, and the comprehensiveness of its offer.


Improved quality of data available to managers with new data warehouse built on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, giving Metallo a single source of the truth and consistent key performance indicators for the first time

Extended system to 60 users in key departments across the business, including finance, commercial, and production, providing information on business drivers which allows to better steer operations

Improved access and management of safety and compliance information by reserving part of the warehouse for the health, safety, and environment departments to effectively monitor air quality, temperature, and a range of other factors that comply with regulations a.o. EU Seveso Directive

Expedited availability of reports, delivering timely daily reports to follow up and forecast operations and monthly reports to analyze performance and inform stakeholders

Used Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition to consolidate information from several legacy sources, leveraging legacy data into visualization and analysis

Deployed Oracle Data Visualization to make data easier for managers to understand and work with

Reduced the need for IT to be involved in initiating and generating reports, saving one full-time equivalent

Continued roll-out of the business warehouse to other departments, such as logistics purchase conditions, installation parameters, and other types of information

Anticipated deployment of the solution to Metallo Group’s plant in Spain   to harmonize reporting and integrated decision making at group level


Metallo Group worked on this project with i4BI, a local Oracle Platinum Partner that specializes in helping organizations best utilize Oracle Business Intelligence. 

“i4BI helped us get through a lot of the initial transferring of information from our legacy systems. They have played an invaluable role in getting us to the stage where we have now have comprehensive and user-friendly business intelligence available to the whole business,” said Verhelst.

Business intelligence is increasingly critical to the way we operate. Oracle Business Intelligence works for us because it combines exceptional performance with advanced functionality that is changing the way we understand and optimize our operations.

Luc Verhelst

CIO, Metallo Group