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Oracle Customer Success—Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina

Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina

Ministerio de Seguridad Consolidates Operations Across Argentina’s Four Public Security Forces while Improving Public Safety and Program Efficiency


The Oracle solutions provided the technological foundation we needed to overhaul the ministry’s decision-making processes. We gained unprecedented visibility into the ministry’s vast workforce, and enabled governments and authorities to measure the success of their public safety policies.

— Mauricio Idiart, CIO, Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina

Created in 2010 by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina (Ministry of Security of Argentina) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the country’s public safety policy and its implementation, assisting the president and its cabinet members in all matters relating to internal security, the preservation of freedom, life, and property.

The ministry supervises 111,500 armed forces personnel, and has 1,600 full-time employees working at its four buildings in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. The agency regulates the Policía Federal Argentina, Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria, Prefectura Naval Argentina, and the Gendarmería Nacional.

Business Challenge
  • Improve efficiency of human resources management by gaining visibility into public safety policy impact
  • Gain ability to effectively analyze data related to criminal activity and respond promptly to new trends
  • Support the implementation of new patrolling strategies and tactical approaches by helping to consolidate operations of the country’s four police forces—optimizing decision-making at the administrative and executive levels, as well as for IT purposes
  • Integrate dispersed information stored in geographically disparate systems to ensure coherent data examination, while meeting complex government regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Achieved the technological capabilities required to establish a new Unified Control Center with Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware Solutions, and Oracle Engineered Solutions to deliver fast analysis and data mining—greatly enhancing the ministry’s decision-making processes and allowing it to conduct complex operations pulling resources from any of the country’s four public security forces
  • Helped reduce armed car robberies from 600 to 200 a month in the city of Buenos Aires by providing IT infrastructure needed to implement better surveillance, creating a routine of having a police car on every 600-meter radius within the city’s limits, guaranteeing that each city block is monitored at least once every hour
  • Enabled police departments to implement new patrolling plans—particularly in Buenos Aires—with predefined metrics to measure the impact of new policies and strategies while putting in place a system that encourages continuous improvement
  • Decreased wait times for 911 emergency calls to eight seconds or less, and cut the average wait time for police officers to arrive at the crime scene to less than three minutes from the time the emergency call was dispatched
  • Allowed greater visibility into criminal activity forecast and trends with the creation of detailed dashboards—providing insight into precinct maps, pattern structures, situational statistics, and patrol plan design and monitoring
  • Integrated several applications into one platform, simplifying data management and increasing reliability, and supporting innovations such as the crime pattern detection used to identify potential risks and deter criminal activity


The ministry evaluated options and found that Oracle solutions delivered the platform it needed to integrate and optimize the different elements of the agency’s operations. We could not find all these solutions as a whole in other options available in the market.

— Mauricio Idiart, CIO, Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina


Another element included in the Oracle solutions was the capacitation and training related to platform management, giving IT team members the skills they needed to oversee and configure the new environment. The training included theoretical and practical courses, conducted on-site at the ministries IT facilities.

“We divided the project into three phases. First, we established an architectural design, as well as the parameters for the hardware acquisition and the expected return. In the second phase—where we worked with Oracle certified partners—we created a set of applications, completing the operational requirements and information management for both the ministry, as well as for our four federal forces. We then focused on analysis and data mining across various dashboards. We integrated structured and unstructured information sources, and worked on using maps to identify patterns of criminal behavior to better utilize our forces’ resources. The Oracle implementation took approximately 18 months, and the platform is continuously evolving and maturing,” Idiart said.

About Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina




Three Oracle partners provided Ministerio de Seguridad with the support needed during the implementation: Software by Design, DAXA Argentina S.A., and Soflex.

Software by Design and DAXA Argentina S.A. helped with phase one, working on the infrastructure and databases. Soflex assisted with phase two, focusing on design and application implementation and then, in phase three, helped to create the multilayer dashboards, which are highly useful to the police departments.

“All companies involved in the project demonstrated full knowledge of the Oracle products and their implementation, working with the professionalism a public safety project requires. We certainly received the level of services expected from an Oracle Partner, which also reflects the excellence of Oracle products,” Idiart said.

Published:  Dec 08, 2015