MITEC accelerates growth with Oracle Database Appliance

The payments processor uses Oracle Database Appliance to handle payments in 0.003 seconds with 99.99% availability and increases the shift to digital transactions for Mexican merchants.


Oracle Database Appliance gives us peace of mind and confidence in our operation. The security, availability, and performance elements of the database are very important in our industry; we feel we chose the right ally.

Edgar de la LuzDirector of Technology, MITEC

Business challenges

Mercadotecnia Ideas y Tecnología, or MITEC, has a mission to ensure fast payments for the 20,000 small- and medium-size merchants it serves. MITEC processes 12% of all payment transactions in Mexico for merchants comprising 120,000 retail outlets and 28 million transactions per month.

MITEC began working with Oracle more than 17 years ago. Today the company stores all its information in Oracle databases, providing high performance and scalability. The payments processor uses Oracle Database Appliance as an easy and affordable way to run Oracle databases with Real Application Clusters across multiple servers for maximum availability and scalability. The company also runs Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate to replicate, filter, and transform data between databases in real time.

It needed a technology partner to ensure transaction security, efficiency, and high availability.

Why MITEC chose Oracle

The company selected Oracle as the best option for performance, speed, security, reliability, and support when compared with other vendors.

Using Oracle technology, MITEC can provide flexible and high-performance operations by synchronizing data and services in data centers in two regions, Mexico City and Monterrey.


Oracle Database Appliance empowers MITEC to achieve 0.003-second transaction time—far better than the company’s goal of completing each transaction in less than a second. With Oracle’s help, the company achieves 99.9% availability, data replication speeds up to 6 times faster than traditional solutions, and a 90% approval rate.

Oracle support gave MITEC a head start in shifting business models to accommodate customer needs during the pandemic, convincing merchants who were skeptical of digitization to make the conversion to digital channels. Prior to the pandemic, some 60% of the transactions that the company processed were done with the retail customer physically presenting a card, and 40% of transactions were digital. That ratio reversed during the pandemic—60% of transactions became digital.

Also, the company expanded its business quickly during COVID-19, hiring 14% more employees. And it launched “Today for You,” an emergency fund for entrepreneurs to help them get through the first months of the pandemic.


MITEC turned to Genap Tecnologia for  support with the implementation.

Published:December 15, 2021