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MLB Network Ensures Safe Archiving Environment for Countless Hours of Baseball Content; Grows Programming Schedule to 16 Live Hours Per Day


Oracle DIVArchive Suite enables us to quickly and safely transfer, access, and preserve a high volume of invaluable baseball-related content. The Oracle solution provides the performance, scalability, and flexibility that our production and broadcast environments demand—now and into the future.

— Tab Butler, Director, Post Production and Media Management, MLB Network

MLB Network is the ultimate television destination for baseball fans, featuring the multiple Emmy Award-winning “MLB Tonight,” live Spring Training, regular season and Postseason game telecasts, original programming, highlights, and insights and analysis from the best in the business, including Bob Costas, Peter Gammons, Jim Kaat, Al Leiter, Harold Reynolds, and Tom Verducci. MLB Network launched on January 1, 2009 in a record-setting 50 million homes.
  • Establish a scalable IT infrastructure capable of capturing and preserving live, high-definition (HD) baseball-related video content for use in producing television programming
  • Digitize a vast historical videotape library representing the history of baseball, as well as capture and log all MLB Network original programing content, quickly and cost effectively
  • Enabled MLB Network to quickly move content—totaling more than 600 hours of live video content daily, and 7 petabytes of information annually—as well as log it, store it, and retrieve it—from a video archive that holds approximately 535,000 hours of baseball games and program content, and is growing at a rate of about 500 hours daily—for delivering the high quality video highlights and television shows its viewers expect
  • Help the network to, for example, search an archived four-hour game recording, select only the footage it wants to use, and perform a partial file restore within a few minutes, enabling the video editor high-speed access to only the content they need, and providing a more streamlined and efficient use of the archive storage
  • Assist with the production of long-form programming by creating ready access to clips stored in the tape library, ultimately helping the network to streamline its extensive research process
  • Supported business continuity by using Oracle DIVArchive to automate duplication of content for redundant storage in an off-site location
  • Utilized the Archive eXchange Format to provide a future-proof storage solution that ensured the long-term availability of MLB Network’s content no matter how storage or file system technology evolves
  • Enabled MLB Network to request content from the library and have it within two to three minutes for on-site content editing and within an hour for the deepest off-site archives—a process that would have previously taken hours or days—to ultimately deliver richer content and programming to customers
  • Designed and deployed an active archive system on a common platform to enable MLB Network to support its real-time HD content and historical digital archiving project requirements—optimizing the active archive’s tiered storage platform, and delivering cost savings while also enabling MLB Network to quickly access the data when needed
  • Used the DIVAprotect analytics feature of Oracle DIVArchive to enable MLB Network to make faster and better decisions on migrating content, recycling defective media, and cleaning or preventive maintenance for library drives


We selected Oracle DIVArchive to support our DIAMOND System because it offered the performance, scalability, availability, and total cost of ownership we desired. And, we knew it would support our growing business for the long term. Additionally, it was interoperable with a wide range of broadcast applications and video devices, including ones we were already using.

— Tab Butler, Director, Post Production and Media Management, MLB Network


MLB Network went live with Oracle DIVArchive on January 1, 2009, in just five months.

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Published:  Nov 04, 2015