Mountain View increases direct sales by 5% using Oracle Eloqua

The Egypt-based private property developer improves lead management and streamlines campaign creation with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.


Oracle Eloqua offers us numerous features to run effective marketing campaigns. We can launch more targeted campaigns that help us improve our lead management process and boost sales.

Tamer HamedGroup Chief Information Officer, Mountain View

Business challenges

fter Mountain View began a digital transformation journey in 2014, its last frontier was enhancing customer relationship management. Without a unified customer database, managing 30,000 customer relationships became increasingly difficult. To improve customer service and boost retention, the company looked for a solution capable of handling customer inquiries in a timely manner.

Running effective lead generation and email campaigns was a roadblock. The company lacked the ability to identify the appropriate communications channel for each customer. It spent several days designing marketing campaigns that would end up delivering poor performance. Mountain View needed a marketing automation solution that would produce detailed insights into customers’ communications preferences and help streamline its campaign management process.

Mountain View’s sales teams, which needed to process leads in a seamless manner, encountered difficulties with lead management and manual tasks such as data entry. To better understand its customers, Mountain View required a solution that would simplify and boost communications with prospects.

With Oracle Eloqua, we deliver the right messages in our marketing campaigns based on the science of happiness for our target audience.

Wael LotfyChief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Member of the Board, Mountain View

Why Mountain View chose Oracle

Mountain View selected Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation because it provided numerous tools to capture and analyze visitor information from multiple channels—vital for the organization’s marketing efforts.

Oracle Eloqua was also the best fit for Mountain View’s campaign orchestration efforts. The company could quickly deploy landing pages, email, and lead generation campaigns, allowing it to boost sales and improve lead management process.

It already used many Oracle applications, including Oracle CRM on-premises and Oracle Sales. Oracle Eloqua came as a natural fit to unify the company’s marketing and sales operations, which was a crucial step in increasing the number of qualified leads.


Oracle Eloqua made it easy for the company to manage its database of some 30,000 contacts. In addition to unifying customer data into one database, Mountain View gained a complete view of its customers and control over every interaction.

With a unified view of sales, advertising, and marketing, the company identified the best communication channels to quickly respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. As a result, Mountain View delivered outstanding customer experiences across the sales lifecycle, from acquisition to retention.

The organization slashed campaign deployment time from days to less than 3 minutes with Oracle Eloqua Campaign Orchestration. Using the drag-and-drop interface and one-click setup, Mountain View designed dynamic campaigns that intrigued prospects by addressing their needs at each stage of the customer journey.

To support content creation for lead generation and email marketing campaigns, Mountain View took advantage of Oracle Eloqua Asset Management to design dynamic content and graphics for numerous channels, including social media, email, and landing pages. By designing compelling email and landing pages, the company substantially enhanced customer data collection.

Taking valuable insights into customer behavior from Oracle Siebel CRM, Mountain View tapped Oracle Eloqua to filter and segment audiences based on specific attributes, interests, or geography. With specific prospect lists automatically updated, the organization removed errors previously associated with data entry. Furthermore, delivering personalized experiences to the right audiences helped the company increase its Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 17 points.

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services, Mountain View integrated Oracle Eloqua Lead Management with Oracle Sales. With automated lead scoring that updates in real time across multiple campaigns, the company improved its sales readiness with quality leads that are delivered to sales in minutes.

By aligning marketing and sales operations, the company improved its lead management process and empowered its sales teams to pursue top-tier accounts, resulting in a 5% increase in direct sales.

Today, Mountain View accurately tracks and measures business impact, as well as marketing campaigns’ return on investment, with detailed reports and dashboards. With real-time data on campaign performance, the organization swiftly adapts to changing customer needs and market changes.


To deploy Oracle Eloqua, Mountain View collaborated with Oracle Premium Partner Ultimate Solutions Experts Consulting to help with the cloud implementation. Ultimate Solutions has extensive experience with clients in the real estate industry and provides a high-quality service.

Published:August 12, 2022

About the customer

Mountain View development and real estate investment firm was launched in 2005. With a vision to develop integrated communities and spread happiness, Mountain View became the leading real estate company offering first-class projects that encompass innovation, distinction, and the science of happiness.

Over the past 17 years, the company renewed its promises and confirmed its continuous dedication in delivering 15 distinctive projects. Mountain View owns 4,000 acres, divided into three main districts: East Cairo, West Cairo, and coastal projects.