Mphasis rolls out HR services faster with Oracle Cloud

Leading IT services provider aligns HR with its ambitious company transformation using Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management.


HR is moving toward a hyper-personalized environment—personalized recruitment, onboarding, training, and so on. We’ve made a good beginning with Oracle and we have a much better user experience.

Srikanth KarraChief Human Resources Officer, Mphasis

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Business challenges

IT services company Mphasis, based in Bengaluru, India, employs about 30,000 people across 16 countries. It serves the infrastructure and application needs of customers in the banking, capital markets, insurance, and a variety of other industries.

Private equity firm Blackstone acquired a 60.5% stake in Mphasis from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in 2016, the beginning of a turnaround at the company. In 2020, HFS Research christened Mphasis “the IT industry’s hidden gem.”

To ensure that the company’s transformation plan extended to management of its people, Mphasis needed to revamp its legacy HR systems. Company leaders wanted a single, enterprisewide, cloud-based application suite that would be intuitive to use, always available, and easy to roll out worldwide as Mphasis expanded. And they wanted a platform that would deliver “hyper-personalized” services at every stage of the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, onboarding, and training.

Compared with the multiple, highly customized on-premises HR systems Mphasis managed before, the single Oracle Cloud HCM deployment across geographies has a lower total cost of ownership, mostly because of economies of scale and agility.

Srikanth KarraChief Human Resources Officer, Mphasis

Why Mphasis Chose Oracle

Mphasis decided to move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) to replace its two versions of PeopleSoft. Those on-premises applications had become customized over the years and thus difficult to maintain and upgrade.

But Mphasis didn’t want a pure out-of-the-box SaaS solution. It wanted to preserve some of its customized features, requiring a hybrid implementation (including third-party integration and more) that Oracle accommodated, says senior vice president and CIO Debashis Singh.

At the same time, however, Oracle Cloud HCM gave Mphasis the ability to roll out new features to acquired companies and new company geographies quickly. “Agility and speed were a top priority, and the platform enables us to meet those requirements without any question,” says CHRO Srikanth Karra.


With its move to Oracle Cloud HCM, Mphasis no longer worries about system uptime and the availability of application support resources. Nor is it anxious about technology obsolescence or version controls, or the compatibility of new features, because Oracle delivers them regularly and automatically.

Oracle Cloud HCM also is much easier to roll out to new operations. What previously took a month to implement now goes live in less than a week, in part because compliance with local regulations comes configured out of the box. “We are acquiring companies, we're getting into new geos,” says CHRO Srikanth Karra. “So the speed to market…in terms of setting it up and getting it going in about a week's time is a big plus.”

Published:May 28, 2021