MRV achieves high online sales volume with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The Brazilian real estate giant builds an online sales operation using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, selling 52,000 residential properties in 2020.

With Oracle Integration and process automation, we were able to deliver innovations in weeks instead of months.

Reinaldo SimaHead of Technology and Digital Transformation, MRV

Business challenges

Real estate giant MRV does business in 160 cities in Brazil, and has  sold more than 260,000 residential units since its start in 1979. From the beginning, MRV has seen technology as important to optimize processes and innovation.

MRV adopted Oracle Database in 2007 to make business easier for real estate buyers and reduce red tape. That started a long relationship between Oracle and MRV, which was focused on improving customer service. MRV also selected Oracle Integration and Content Management.

In 2018, MRV began to migrate systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) from on-premises data centers, to enable growth for Luggo, MRV’s fully digital rental platform. The company also sought to use OCI to provide a more stable structure for the rest of its sales and customer service organization.

Oracle is one of MRV's major partners to provide the foundation for our digital transformation.

Reinaldo SimaHead of Technology and Digital Transformation, MRV

Why MRV chose Oracle

The trust established between MRV and Oracle during a long period of collaboration was a key factor in the real estate company’s decision to move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Intelligent process automation from Oracle Integration became the foundation for the company’s growth and innovation.


Oracle Integration’s visual process automation enabled MRV to quickly deliver documents exclusively through electronic channels, speeding the credit assessment process, which formerly took weeks, to only 17 minutes

Oracle helped the company pivot to digital as the primary engagement channel and generate high sales volume by allowing customers to carry out much of the purchase process without leaving home. Because of these capabilities, the real estate company increased sales despite the pandemic, with more than 70% of sold units coming from digital channels.

MRV launched a pilot project for fully digital real estate sales in January 2020, and a few months later, when Brazil went into social isolation due to the pandemic, digital sales grew to became the lion’s share of the company’s business. MRV went from its first digital contract in February to 97% digital contracts in April, and then to nearly 100%. That growth was only possible because MRV was prepared, and Oracle played a big role.

MRV has about 35 teams from IT and business, working with design and user experience experts, to optimize processes for the company and its customers. This is all made possible by the technological infrastructure built in partnership with Oracle.

Published:May 3, 2022