Mynet adopts Oracle Cloud Guard to help protect against threats

The game app developer relies on Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector to identify malicious user behavior and create stronger security countermeasures.


With Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector we can realize security countermeasures with just a few clicks.

Takahiro MaedaManager of Security Department, Mynet

Business challenges

The Japan-based publisher of more than 80 game titles suffered a security breach in 2018, putting 13 game titles out of service for about four months.

The outage not only had a big impact on Mynet’s business, but also betrayed the trust of its users. Since then, the company adopted a number of technical countermeasures to prevent a recurrence and bolster defenses against a variety of security threats.

We appreciate that Oracle’s latest security features are added to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure at no extra charge.

Takahiro MaedaManager of Security Department, Mynet

Why Mynet chose Oracle

Mynet wanted to implement Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to realize a stronger security posture.

As the number of game titles running on OCI increased at Mynet, so too did the number of staff members using its cloud console. Security resources at Mynet were limited, so Cloud Guard Threat Detector on OCI, which allows the company to easily enhance security, was exactly the service Mynet was looking for.

Because Mynet’s resources were limited, Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector on OCI allowed the company to easily enhance security without hiring extra staff.


Mynet decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector after a successful proof of concept. The company also worked on countermeasures against threats to potential vulnerabilities in the settings of game titles that Cloud Guard identified.

Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector uses AI to help the company analyze behavior on the cloud and detect any user behavior that could pose a risk. Additionally, combined use of compulsory encryption and split authorization through Oracle Identity and Access Management and compartmentalization, as well as an identity provider, has allowed Mynet to bolster its security.

Today, Mynet can identify malicious user behavior on the cloud using the Threat Detector, which conforms to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. The company hopes this will help to prevent a recurrence.

After implementing Cloud Guard, Mynet detected spray attacks through failed login attempts with internal accounts, as well as shared accounts in partner companies. While neither of these turned out to be malicious in intent, their identification confirmed to Mynet that it can detect internal or external attacks.

Mynet is actively using the newest features as quickly as possible to strengthen their security. The company is going to continue to work to further strengthen and improve security so that game users can enjoy that space with peace of mind.

While the battle over security never ends, Mynet is going to use the cutting-edge features of Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector on OCI to get the edge.

Published:May 27, 2022