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Nacional de Seguros

Oracle Customer Success

Nacional de Seguros transforms its business with Oracle


Nacional de Seguros cuts expenses by 50% with technology infrastructure, boosts system performance, and ensures data security with Oracle

Since 2010, Nacional de Seguros has been a Panama City-based insurance company that offers various types of insurance services—life, home, bonds, business, travel, and more—to customers in Panama.

The company needed to revamp its seven-year-old technology infrastructure, which was obsolete, and looked for a solution that could reduce the high maintenance costs of a colocation center—Nacional de Seguros’ servers and database used to operate from a rented space. Managers also wanted to increase the company’s system availability and strengthen data security.

Business challenges

Replace an obsolete, low-performance, and off-warranty technology infrastructure

Increase system availability while expediting data processing, aiming to improve the performance of insurance policy salespeople 

Reduce accessibility problems due to power outages

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we have a more current and always-updated infrastructure while paying 50% of what we used to for a colocation center. Our performance improved and IT-response time dropped by 10%, which allowed us to provide more efficient insurance services and improve the customer experience.

Ronel Buitrago

IT Manager, Nacional de Seguros

Why Nacional de Seguros Chose Oracle

“We chose Oracle again because of its reliability—it’s a company that meets our technology needs and supports our projects. Local providers in Panama offered more expensive solutions that wouldn’t provide such a great service.”
—Ronel Buitrago, IT Manager, Nacional de Seguros


Cut annual expenses with technology infrastructure maintenance, support, and license fees by 50% with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Compute Classic—space rental at a colocation center used to cost US $150,000 annually 

Boosted system performance and reduced IT team’s response time by 10%, which helped the company’s insurance sales team and managers provide more efficient and assertive service to potential and current clients, while pushing growth

Expedited massive data processing—for example, for monthly accountability reports or when a new branch is opened—with the scalability of Oracle Cloud, as managers can now request additional memory to meet temporary demands

Enabled the IT team to focus on the development of innovative solutions that can improve customer experience, as system monitoring is now covered by Oracle

Ensured that the system is always available and operating, no longer susceptible to frequent power outages caused by the construction of Panamá City metro that used to affect the colocation datacenter

Integrated and standardized all platforms’ software versions, ensuring that they are all constantly running the most updated versions, which ultimately improves performance and increases security

Improved data security with Oracle Cloud—the rules for database access are now established directly by the IT team, not by the third party that was used to rent the colocation center—while eliminating risks of insurers’ data loss in case of unexpected events

Enhanced customer experience—policyholders can now easily get information about their insurance policies over the phone and avoid time-consuming visits to branches—as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic created an online knowledgebase accessible to customer service operators

Allowed the IT team to make much faster adjustments to the system since Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Compute Classic provides separate environments for program development, quality tests, and more

Launched an insurance sales website that, in addition to pushing sales, strengthened the brand as a provider of modern solutions to its customers


Solusoft has been an important partner for years, providing crucial support with the Oracle products that we used to have. When we decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud, Solusoft’s experts helped prepare our database and other services for the process, and they were precise in assessing the time it would take,” Buitrago said.

The migration process took only three months, within the schedule previously established for this project. Oracle partner Solusoft made sure that the entire process was seamless, with no hiccups, and that our team did not have to work extra hours to implement the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Ronel Buitrago

IT Manager, Nacional de Seguros

Published: September 1, 2019