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Oracle Customer Success — National Pen Company

National Pen Company

National Pen Company Launches Ecommerce, Grows Business 25% Annually for Last Five Years, and Maintains Extreme Personalization with Cloud Solutions


Our goal is to be the worldwide leader in providing high-value promotional products at low, factory-direct pricing. Oracle Marketing Cloud enables us to communicate with customers in a highly relevant, multi-channel way—all in the cloud—which is essential for building a profitable lifecycle marketing strategy.

— Dave Thompson, CEO, National Pen Company

Founded in 1966, National Pen Company is a world class provider of personalized marketing solutions to more than 1 million small and medium-sized businesses globally. The company provides high value promotional products for businesses and professionals in every industry at low factory-direct pricing.
The company gained success and became distinguished in the market with a highly personalized marketing strategy, including the delivery of a personalized sample to prospective clients on first contact─producing nearly 70 million samples and mailings annually. In recent years, the company has begun to leverage ecommerce channels to continue to grow the business and expand to new global markets.
  • Ensure National Pen can efficiently segment target market—from real estate agents, to chiropractors, to florists—as well as personalize online communications, helping drive increased sales of personalized promotional products
  • Enable marketers to plan and execute automated marketing campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for every prospect
  • Expand business via ecommerce in North America and around the world while maintaining the highly personalized one-to-one marketing for which the company is known
  • Empower National Pen to scale marketing platform internationally, deploy rapidly, and empower marketing professionals to create and manage campaigns without IT assistance
  • Deployed Oracle Marketing Cloud to provide National Pen with a faster, easy, automated way to segment a customer list on the fly—a tedious manual process that typically took several weeks—to enable the company to more effectively target campaigns with highly personalized content to boost engagement throughout the customer journey
  • Used Oracle Commerce Solution and Oracle Marketing Cloud to launch a robust ecommerce presence, which has grown 20% year-over-year, and has attracted a customer base that spends more and has a higher retention rate than traditional customers targeted via direct mail and telesales
  • Created an ecommerce first-time buyers program—a multi-stage program that has educational and promotional elements—which achieved open rates that were more than three times higher than the company’s average and cost much less than National Pen’s traditional direct mail packages that contain personalized pens
  • Set up, within three months three automated email marketing programs that generated approximately $15,000 in additional revenue
  • Used Oracle Marketing Cloud to enable National Pen to acquire 40% more customers year to date than in 2014—growing at 25% year-over-year over the last five years—by delivering relevant, real-time interactions across email, mobile, display, social, and web experiences
  • Deployed Oracle Responsys, part of Oracle Marketing Cloud, to create numerous customized offers and emails for 1.2 million global customers based on a customer’s last order or seasonal considerations—improving the customer experience
  • Used Oracle Commerce to personalize the company’s website content based on the customer—for example, many of National Pen’s customers are certified public accountants (CPAs), and the company now has the ability to know what they are promoting for CPAs specifically and can reference testimonials from similar customers
  • Empowered the company to take personalized, multi-channel marketing to a new level─ enabling customers acting on an email or direct mail offer to click on a personalized web page featuring merchandise with their logo─where they can place an order for a personalized promotional product at the click of a button
  • Enabled National Pen to perform sophisticated modeling and prediction on various marketing activities’ return on investments by integrating the company’s data warehouse with Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Equipped the marketing team with the ability to rapidly launch and manage marketing initiatives, without relying on IT team assistance, accelerating time to market for new campaigns as well as improving ability to quickly adapt initiatives
  • Helped the company understand issues, such as the impact of the web on other channels, customer profiles, and the optimum combination of channels to create the greatest value for customers and stakeholders—driving sustained growth in the North American market
  • Enabled National Pen to launch ecommerce initiatives in new international markets in just two to three weeks, helping the company stay ahead of the competition through faster time to market
  • Benefitted from reliability of cloud environment as well as the ability to deploy rapidly and scale globally—while also saving $21,000 in consulting fees
  • Laid foundation to enable National Pen to create more automated emails that target specific situations, such as cart abandonment, to increase email channel revenue
  • Gained a turn-key ecommerce and customer service solution that enables call center agents to efficiently manage the interactions and project workflow associated with each order, including providing rapid access to customer information and unique artwork associated with that account
  • Optimized productivity and operational efficiency with the ability to produce and fulfill orders out of any of the company’s global production facilities thanks to Oracle E-Business Suite─balancing workload, reducing costs, and accelerating shipments


We conducted thorough research when conducting our search for a next-generation marketing solution. We reviewed Gartner and Forrester reports and input, as well as took a hands-on look at various solutions and how they perform in terms of making our content as relevant and personal to an individual as possible, particularly since we do business in many countries and languages. Oracle Marketing Cloud was the best platform on the market to help us achieve our goals, while reducing the cost and time we spend on lifecycle marketing.

— Dave Thompson, CEO, National Pen Company


National Pen began rolling out the Oracle Responsys platform in 2011, starting in North America. It plans to roll out the solution in other regions beginning in late 2015, benefitting from the cloud-based platform to expedite deployment and reduce implementation costs.

About National Pen Company


San Diego, California, United States



Annual Revenue

$100 to $500 Million
Published:  Feb 01, 2016