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Oy Naveex Ab

Oracle Customer Success

Naveex Adds speed and security to its offerings with Oracle


Naveex delivers business applications faster, boosts Customer Experience, and ensures full compliance with EU Data Governance with Oracle.

Naveex is a software company that develops enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and customer experience management (CEM) solutions, offering an integrated service platform to facilitate business processes. Client industries include the manufacturing, information technology, automotive, domestic security, and educational sectors. Naveex prides itself on offering corporate clients the flexibility to implement their business strategy the way they want, rather than adapting processes to comply with a vendor’s system.

As a start-up originating from an on-premises-based organization, Naveex decided to embrace the cloud and look for a robust open-source database to focus on developing innovative CEM solutions in partnership with clients’ companies.

Business challenges

Gain customer trust by developing joint roadmaps for delivering business applications faster and more reliably using open source database technology and secure professional services, while increasing visibility into customer experiences

Expand the sale of software solutions into different industries by adopting cloud-based computing services for competing with bigger players in the ERP, CRM, and CEM space

Become compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in the European Union to support customers in expanding their businesses geographically

Transform the business by moving from on-premise to the cloud, with open-source database development underpinning innovation in customers’ critical applications

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is a powerful service that helped us attract big clients. Used in conjunction with Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, it reduced time to market and operational costs while leveraging the security and scalability of Oracle Cloud.

Jalo Kääminen

CEO, Oy Naveex Ab


Transformed the professional services business by migrating on-premise MySQL-based applications to Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, reducing time to market for new products and services, while saving on infrastructure and database management costs and improving uptime

Grew professional services revenue by expanding the user base to new organizations through the creation of industry-specific services, such as Naveex Educational, for training and simulation of business systems in a secured and safe learning environment, leveraging the security and reliability of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Harnessed the performance and scalability of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service to power database-intensive applications providing clients with increased visibility on touch points, transactions, and history related to their products and services—helping companies deliver greater customer experiences

Reassured customers of compliance with data privacy and security measures coming into effect under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation—thanks to enterprise-grade security, monitoring, and auditing for protecting customer data provided by Oracle Infrastructure as a Service

Differentiated from other competitors by guaranteeing uptime of customer applications due to the advanced monitoring, backup, security, and support capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Delivered on the company’s vision of being the leading player in customer experience management, successfully gaining a foothold in a market dominated by SAP, Microsoft, and Salesforce, by building solutions based on the reliability and security of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Enabled the professional services company to attract corporate clients to its customer experience product portfolio by ensuring the 24/365 running of large critical systems anchored by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic

Gained the trust of clients through partnering on roadmaps for international expansion supported by relational database cloud technology for secure and scalable business growth and development, responding rapidly and flexibly to customer requirements, and creating durable partnerships

Empowered the lean workforce to create products and services faster, eliminating worry over technical details by automating labor-intensive and time-consuming database administration tasks, allowing collaborators to focus on tailoring innovative solutions for clients

When we trialed Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, we instantly perceived its value. I have worked with software for many years but never experienced this kind of stability and reliability.

Jalo Kääminen

CEO, Oy Naveex Ab