Netaxis modernizes its communications services offering with Oracle Cloud

Built in Oracle Kubernetes, Netaxis deploys its call routing engine in a SaaS model on OCI using Oracle Communications Session Border Controller.


When we decided to deploy our Session Routing Engine application in a SaaS model, we knew that Oracle Cloud was the way forward as it’s always up to date and fully elastic, and it would give us the needed flexibility and cost advantages.

Jean-Sébastien DecubberCo-owner, Head of Product, Netaxis Solutions

Business challenges

Netaxis Solutions started as a system integrator for communications services providers and operators to enable Unified Communications. The company develops software and services for the telecommunications industry that automate customer processes and transform service provider networks.

With growing demand from Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators, Netaxis in 2015 developed and launched API Orchestrator, which helps carriers provision new services and subscribers on their networks. It also introduced Session Routing Engine, which helps the service provider with centralized programmable voice routing and voice capabilities.

Routing calls internationally among multiple telecommunications carriers is complex, including choosing the most cost-effective call routing option. It’s particularly complex if numbers have been ported from one carrier to another. Session Routing Engine (SRE) provides a centralized routing engine with its programmable routing logic in one place.

In the past, Netaxis delivered its products on-premises, with a license fee. To provide the user a real digital experience and boost growth, Netaxis planned to offer its SRE service through a SaaS mode, which opens the door to greater speed and flexibility in provisioning recurring services—such as adding or removing a subscriber.

Netaxis was aware that egress costs—charged by cloud providers for any outgoing traffic passing the defined threshold—could constitute a kill-switch for its offering, since operators running the company’s least-cost routing engine route traffic from all over the globe through Netaxis.

Why Netaxis chose Oracle

Netaxis had tapped the extensive expertise of Oracle Communication Global Business Units consultants since 2015, valuing the hands-on support received from Oracle Lift Services for migrating and onboarding to Oracle Cloud. The company considered Oracle technology the best match for its growth and digital transformation plans going forward. Netaxis also chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because of its extensive features, automation capabilities, high performance, worldwide cloud regions, and low costs.

The company turned to Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (SBC) to build a centralized routing engine that works in conjunction with Netaxis’ Session Routing Engine.




Managing complex call routing data for its customers, Oracle SBC collects the call and queries Netaxis’ SRE on how to route that call at the lowest cost, in a safe mode, and with the best feature experience for the end user.

By building the Session Routing Engine in Oracle Kubernetes and deploying the service on OCI, Netaxis was able to use a SaaS model, allowing customers to opt in for a monthly subscription based on the number of users. OCI’s low egress costs associated with outgoing traffic support Netaxis’ business model and ensure that the company can offer its services at competitive prices.

Turning to Oracle Cloud helped Netaxis take advantage of services such as API Gateway, Firewall, and VPNs to connect to its customers. On OCI, the company also uses a centralized database and taps Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes as a container orchestration service for building its cloud native SRE application.

After deploying its database and applications to OCI, Netaxis was able to extend its service offering with a vendor-agnostic Direct Routing-as-a-Service solution, built on OCI and powered by Oracle SBC. The service acts as a bridge between Microsoft Teams and communications services providers.

Netaxis now supports the deployment of its customers’ applications regardless of the location of the data center since all OCI data centers are fully compliant with international data protection regulations, such as the European Union’s GDPR. With its cloud native applications running on OCI, Netaxis now targets international markets through partners and resellers.

Netaxis leverages Oracle SBC’s comprehensive Net-SAFE security framework for real-time communications, securing service provider access and interconnect as well as peering borders. The tight coupling of Net-SAFE and advanced hardware helps Netaxis protect its applications, the service delivery infrastructure, and all communications sessions from threats. As a result, the company ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its applications.

Published:May 19, 2022