NetCologne Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH

Oracle Customer Success

NetCologne optimizes financial planning and controlling with Oracle EPM Cloud


NetCologne improves systems and processes for more precise financial and strategic planning with Oracle Cloud.

As a regional telecommunications provider, NetCologne provides the economic region of Cologne/Bonn/Aachen with classic telephony, internet, mobile telephony, and TV services. NetCologne also provides professional IT and data center services to its corporate clients. It thus competes against major national providers, including Unity Media and Deutsche Telekom. The company is generating growth by acquiring customers in previously undersupplied areas and by capturing market share in well-supplied areas.

NetCologne had mainly used Excel applications developed in house for its financial planning. Due to the company’s success and increased management requirements, these applications were no longer adequate. Each covered only a limited area, required a great deal of manual work, were slow and error-prone in terms of operation, and did not deliver the detailed data required for comprehensive planning. NetCologne therefore decided it was time to replace them with a significantly more efficient system.

Business challenges

Increase visibility into corporate departments, make the planning process more transparent, avoid malfunctions, and reduce dependence on application developers by replacing Excel, used for data gathering and analysis, with a central, automated planning tool

Generate simulations of the gathered data without elaborate programming so that alternative planning scenarios can be analyzed quickly and flexibly

Standardize data gathering to the greatest extent possible so that input and processing errors can be ruled out

Ensure that the planning tool does not tie up additional IT capacity within the company nor require capital investments

Provide a planning tool that can be quickly introduced without complex user training

We will make our planning processes far more efficient with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service. We now get more detailed and more reliable data—and compiling our annual plan takes us even less time. Oracle Cloud supports our continued growth and success.

Stefan Lööck

Controller, NetCologne Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH

Why NetCologne Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH Chose Oracle

“Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is an efficient and reliable solution at a fair price. In addition, it is extremely easy to operate, and we have received excellent support from Oracle Sales. Alternatives such as IBM Cognos were unable to compete with this package.”
—Stefan Lööck, Controller, NetCologne Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH


Replaced existing Excel-based financial planning with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, reducing the workload for users and administrators, recording all relevant data on telecommunications customers and services centrally, and supporting corporate management’s decisions with detailed reports

Provided management with comparative analyses of planning alternatives based upon the simulations of various scenarios made possible with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, optimizing decision making

Prevented incorrect data entries—for example, with regard to new and departing customers or changes to the communications services booked—and the associated planning risks by standardizing data entry within Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

Increased the transparency of the budgeting and planning process by centrally storing and analyzing data so that recorded data can be verified at any time and matched to individual corporate departments or users

Secured all data to the highest standard with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service to protect it from unauthorized access, while comparable security arrangements for an in-house planning infrastructure would have entailed considerable additional monetary outlay for NetCologne

Guaranteed robust, smooth operation and minimized both the downtime risks to which NetCologne was previously exposed, as well as key users’ dependence on Excel applications, by running a cloud service maintained by Oracle

Avoided capital investments, as well as building dedicated IT capacity, saving financial and personnel resources while benefiting from the advantages of a highly efficient enterprise performance management solution in the cloud

Granted access to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service immediately after the order was placed, minimizing the lead time up to the productive use of the service


When choosing and implementing the system, NetCologne was supported by Deloitte, an Oracle Platinum Partner. The Deloitte consultants handled the initial set up and training of select key users.

“Together with Deloitte, we succeeded in connecting to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service with no problems at all and within the shortest possible time. The innovative technology, the competence of the experts, and the atmosphere of trust within the team fulfilled our every wish,” Stefan Lööck said.