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Oracle Customer Success—Nexen Tire Corp.

Nexen Tire Corp.

Nexen Tire Processes Orders 3x Faster and Improves Service with Oracle Cloud


By developing a global sales system with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Platform as a Service, we gained real-time insight into global pipelines and expanded new opportunities. Seamless integration with our ERP system also enabled us to process sales orders 3x faster and boosted customer satisfaction.

— MJ Hyun, CRM Team Manager, Nexen Tire Corp.

Nexen Tire Gains Competitive Edge in Global Market by Processing Sales Orders 3x Faster and Enhancing Customer Service with Oracle

Nexen Tire Corp. is a leading global tire manufacturer, with an expanding presence in North America and Europe, the world’s two largest automobile markets. Its 6 corporate offices and 11 branches handle tire sales to over 130 countries worldwide.

Nexen Tire experienced delay in finding relevant customer information and processing sales orders with its existing SAP ERP system. To strengthen its competitive edge, the company needed a standardized sales portal to improve sales process efficiency and enable managers to make faster decisions.

Business Challenge
  • Improve salesforce productivity by gaining ability to integrate SAP ERP system with a centralized global sales portal and enabling sales representative to rapidly process tire sales orders and improve service quality
  • Gain real-time view of global tire sales pipeline and empower managers to track sales activities and make faster decisions, such as expanding to the winter tires market
  • Minimize maintenance workload for the global sales portal and reduce operating costs
  • Meet business requirement to complete the migration to the cloud platform within five months and minimize disruption to tire manufacturing operations
  • Processed sales orders 3x faster—less than one day instead of three days—and enhanced customer service by integrating SAP ERP system with Oracle Sales Cloud and its design support site system with Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS), enabling the sales team to rapidly provide customers with product information, such as new tire design pattern catalogs
  • Reduced implementation costs and ensured uninterrupted manufacturing operations by using Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service to accelerate application development and enabling the tire manufacturer to complete the migration to the cloud platform in only four months instead of nine months
  • Increased business opportunities by empowering sales representatives to quickly access real-time customer and product information—such as price and specifications for original equipment tires—via a mobile device instead of relying on paper flyers or printed catalogs, and close deals faster
  • Improved team collaboration and boosted sales productivity by enabling representatives to easily send reports—such as order status or new leads—to their managers anytime, anywhere instead of returning to office to create spreadsheets and reports
  • Made faster strategic decisions, such as targeting the market for automobile manufacturers, and gained competitive advantage by enabling managers to quickly analyze global pipelines and identify the top opportunities with the highest probability to convert into sales orders, thanks to Oracle Sales Cloud Analytics
  • Supported future growth by using an open and highly flexible PaaS to easily configure and expand the Oracle Sales Cloud and meet the unique needs of its tire manufacturing business  
  • Reduced labor costs for system maintenance by using a robust and optimized Oracle Sales Cloud to ensure high availability and minimize the need to increase resources to fix system errors
  • Strengthened security for the global sales portal by leveraging inbuilt security capabilities of Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle PaaS to facilitate multi-layered, in-depth software security


We adopted Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Platform as a Service because its high-performing mass data processing, optimized operational efficiency, and seamless integration with SAP ERP system ensured the acceleration of our business strategy. Great Oracle sales support was also a major consideration.

— MJ Hyun, CRM Team Manager, Nexen Tire Corp.


Nexen Tire standardized its global sales system with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle PaaS, including Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service. After a comprehensive analysis and development stage, Nexen Tire implemented, tested, and optimized the new system, and completed the project in only four months instead of the expected nine months. The tire manufacturer now plans to extend its sales portal globally.

About Nexen Tire Corp.


Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea



Annual Revenue

US$17.5 Billion

Founded in 1942, Nexen Tire Corp. is one of Korea’s largest motor vehicle tire companies. It produces a range of tires, including passenger vehicle, SUV, light truck, original equipment (OE), and solid tires, via three manufacturing plants in Korea and China. In 2016, Nexen Tire achieved first place in the tire category of the Global Customer Satisfaction Index for Korean companies for the seventh consecutive time.


Nexen Tire engaged Oracle Partner, Coreplus Co., Ltd., to provide full software consulting service, including CRM and ERP, and maintenance service for the new sales portal project.

“With limited reference for Korean companies adopting Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle PaaS simultaneously, Coreplus used its consulting expertise and doubled resource allocation to ensure that it completed the project in less than half the expected time and quickly realized the benefits of Oracle Cloud,” Hyun said.

Published:  Apr 11, 2017