Ngern Tid Lor gains flexibility with Oracle Cloud

The microcredit leader in Thailand turns to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to eliminate manual reports and achieve a faster and simpler financial close.


Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP has provided the agility to adapt to changes in our business landscape, allowing us to respond quickly to a changing market environment. In addition, as our business continues to grow rapidly, it allows us to scale quickly with minimal IT maintenance.

Bernard TsoExecutive Vice President, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Ngern Tid Lor

Business challenges

Ngern Tid Lor has become more than a loan provider in Thailand. The company is working to alleviate poverty in Thailand by providing fair, transparent, and convenient financial services. For more than 30 years, the organization’s mission has been to make fund sourcing easier and faster. It provides title loans for vehicle owners through its nationwide network of more than 1,000 branches.

The company realized that its internal systems had to be robust enough to support future digital requirements. Ngern Tid Lor needed a financial platform with ongoing, up-to-date functionality and capacity that could quickly scale with minimal IT maintenance. Its legacy on-premises system could no longer meet the company’s demands.

Why Ngern Tid Lor Chose Oracle

Ngern Tid Lor puts a heavy focus on innovation and speed. The company recognized that Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP has the ability to adapt to changes in the business landscape, allowing the organization to respond quickly to market changes. As the business grows rapidly, Oracle Cloud enables Ngern Tid Lor to scale quickly with minimal IT maintenance.



After migrating to Oracle Cloud ERP, Ngern Tid Lor has simplified its general ledger-chart of accounts structure, has better control on finance period close operations, and has put more controls on purchase order approvals, which are subject to strict audit requirements. Oracle Cloud ERP stays up to date with the latest functionality and can expand along with the company.

With Oracle Cloud ERP, Ngern Tid Lor can more easily identify anomalies, predict possible outcomes, and make recommendations. Using the auto reconciliation module, the company can also reduce time spent on labor-intensive security and compliance tasks.


Ngern Tid Lor selected Oracle Consulting to assist with the implementation.  The partnership with Oracle Consulting resulted in a pleasant outcome, despite the huge challenge of working remotely. The Oracle Consulting team together with Ngern Tid Lor managed to pull through and deliver the intended business outcome.

Published:May 12, 2021