Nidec Motor

Oracle Customer Success

Nidec Motor reduces provisioning time 70% with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


With the help of Infosys, Nidec moved on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite plus non-Oracle workloads to Oracle Cloud on a tight deadline.

Business challenges

Nidec Motor is a global motor manufacturer with operations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. In February 2017, Nidec made one of the largest acquisitions in its history, acquiring business entities that ran Oracle E-Business Suite applications on-premises. Nidec needed to migrate to a new data center within a relatively short time period, just 16 weeks. The company asked system integration partners to propose migration options to a private or public cloud that fit into Nidec’s cloud strategy.

Why Nidec Motor Chose Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the only offering that could provide the needed high database availability, via Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). It also provided Oracle Linux and Virtualization as the underlying software layers to ensure optimal performance across the entire stack. The environment offered several security options, including Oracle Connection Manager, firewall products, and separate network domains. For these reasons, Nidec determined that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offered a better value compared to other providers.


The migration was a smooth transition and went fully live in October 2017.

Since then, Nidec also has reduced Oracle Database license and operational costs, and reduced storage costs and database backup times. Critical, long-running batch job performance improved by more than 15% through the implementation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services on Oracle Linux.

Nidec reduced Oracle Database from 40 cores on each node down to 12 or 24 cores on Oracle Exadata servers. Additionally, provisioning time was reduced by 70% using Oracle Linux images on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Nidec also increased CPU response time by about 20%, CPU utilization by about 30%, and reduced backup time by about  15%.