gets a 75% boost in performance with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Retailer gains 60% in time to market by migrating ecommerce platforms and DevOps to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, supporting company expansion.


With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Exadata Database Service we have gained the speed and flexibility to support our dynamic growth and expansion.

Renato GuaraniIT Manager,

Business challenges

Founded in 1956, is a leading furniture and appliance retailer in Brazil, with operations in 9 of the country’s 26 states. As a multiservice company, has a footprint that includes 150 stores, two shopping malls, a hotel, and a cattle ranch. The company also manages real estate and offers a portfolio of financial products including credit cards, insurance, and loans. has more than 5,000 employees, serves approximately 15 million customers, and is expanding strategically into Brazil’s northeast.

For its IT infrastructure, used an outsourced physical data center, which, over time, resulted in limited flexibility and scalability. To compete more effectively, the company needed to consolidate its IT operations in a cloud environment for its 27 businesses and accelerate time to market for new product offerings and services.

Why chose Oracle

Having been a satisfied Oracle Exadata customer for many years, decided that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) would be the logical move in cloud computing. The company was convinced that OCI would give it the speed and flexibility it needed to compete and expand, while also providing consumption-based billing and the elimination of data center drawbacks.

Results migrated its development operations and strategic platforms from a legacy data center to OCI and Exadata Database Service. The migration improved’s system performance by 75%, with lower latency, higher speed, faster server provisioning, and zero instability.

Time to market improved 60% since the switch to OCI, with the company running faster marketing campaigns and bringing out new and improved features to its online app every month.

Importantly, gained control over its infrastructure costs by using OCI’s pay-per-use subscription model, which lets the company add or reduce capacity on demand. For instance, scaled up compute resources in 2 minutes for the peak demand of Black Friday and Mother's Day.

The move to OCI also helped the company reduce monthly update reporting from days to hours, and daily reporting from hours to minutes. In addition, tasks like uploading a new service, activating or resizing a machine, or modifying a firewall rule are now completed in minutes, whereas those tasks took nearly five days in the legacy data center. In addition, the granularity of OCI’s security modules, such as firewall and access permission, gave added control over resources and greater security.

Consequently,’s DevOps and analytics staff has increased from 23 to 72 people. All new code development and the expansion of the ecommerce app takes place in OCI. The team is also using OCI to create new digital incentives for 53 million potential customers to buy from the website, while unifying prices and experiences across in-store and online.


Working with Oracle Certified Partner 3DB.Cloud, spent six months preparing for the move to OCI. The company migrated on a holiday weekend with a 24-hour window for downtime that had minimum impact on shoppers.

Published:May 16, 2022