NRI runs customer-facing SaaS financial applications on OCI Dedicated Region

By maintaining critical financial applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dedicated Region, NRI helps its customers accelerate innovation.


With OCI Dedicated Region running in our own data center, it enables us to not only provide critical SOC2 reports based on Japanese security standards in financial industries, but it also allows us to be more agile, ensuring control and governance while maintaining high availability.

Tomoshiro TakemotoSenior Executive Managing Director, Nomura Research Institute

Business challenges

The Japanese consulting firm and IT solutions provider previously ran critical financial business platform applications for its customers in a dedicated data center environment. The company wanted to gain all the benefits that cloud computing could bring, including the ability to increase or decrease capacity as customer demands changed, add new technology capabilities as quickly as they emerged, get developers into new environments as soon as new projects were launched, and build reliable and efficient disaster recovery systems.

OCI Dedicated Region operates in NRI’s own data center and therefore brings the company a high level of monetary control. In addition, the Oracle Cloud service meets the security standards of the Japanese government through ISMAP registration.

Why Nomura Research Institute chose Oracle

Because NRI needed to operate within its own data center for compliance and regulatory reasons, the company selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). OCI would also help NRI deliver value ahead of the competition and meet the rapidly changing needs of customers in the financial markets.

OCI helps maintain the high degree of control that the company developed for the financial industry based on SOC2, FISC, and other standards, and to meet the stringent requirements for application latency. OCI is also registered with ISMAP, which means it meets the security standards required by the Japanese government.


In terms of competitive advantage for NRI's business, Oracle's cloud operations helped NRI shift technical resources to the company’s more strategic areas. In addition, OCI allowed the company to help customers drive their transformation strategies.

Published:December 12, 2023

About the customer

Nomura Research Institute (NRI) is a leading  consulting firm and IT solutions provider in Japan. The first global customer of OCI Dedicated Region, NRI uses OCI to run critical financial business platforms.