NRMA shifts into high gear by moving to Oracle Cloud

Committed to better roads and transport, Australia’s leading member organization gets improved performance and IT cost savings on Oracle Cloud.


Migrating Oracle ERP, CRM applications, and other business-critical applications to OCI have improved the performance and stability of the applications. That has enabled us to carry out our business process with greater agility and enabled us to shift our resources from maintenance to innovation to capitalize on the changing needs of the business.

Maroun AzziGeneral Manager, Technology, Membership and Motoring, NRMA

Business challenges

The NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association) is one of seven motoring clubs in Australia. Founded more than 100 years ago, the organization has 2.6 million members across Australia and New Zealand. It supports the community via a plethora of services, including roadside assistance, international driver’s licenses, and car reviews.

NRMA used Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Siebel CRM applications to manage critical membership and dispatch functions for roadside assistance. With a legacy on-premises infrastructure approaching its end of life, NRMA could either opt for a high-cost on-premises IT infrastructure upgrade or adopt a more agile, cost-efficient, secure, and scalable cloud platform.

To determine whether having its own data center or migrating to a cloud solution offered greater cost savings and improved agility, NRMA performed an assessment based on its industry and organizational requirements. The company realized that transitioning to the cloud would enable both, as well as improve customer experience and deliver rapid decision-making.

Why NRMA Chose Oracle

After NRMA decided to adopt a cloud solution, the company evaluated AWS and other offerings. In comparison, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) proved to offer more value for its cloud investments due to cost benefits and greater flexibility.


The company moved Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel applications, Oracle Identity and Access Management, Oracle SOA Suite, and consolidated six Oracle Database Appliances to Oracle Exadata Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—700 TB in total. NRMA enjoyed lower IT operational costs, improved stability, and agility by provisioning Oracle Cloud services on demand. The pay-as-you-use consumption model shifts capital expenditure to operational expenditures to better align costs with business benefits.

The company also took advantage of Oracle Integration Cloud to ingest partner data for its Blue membership loyalty program, increasing partner sales and improving the breadth of services that customers redeem.

The organization can now innovate more quickly with a flexible and secure infrastructure. With more agile developers, the company can develop new products and services as needed. NRMA can now meet the changing needs of customers and evolving market conditions with ease.


Capgemini worked with NRMA and Oracle to deliver the entire project from conceptualization to go-live within the projected timeframe and on budget, even with the challenges the pandemic presented.

Published:November 12, 2021