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Oracle Customer Success—ÖBB-Business Competence Center GmbH

ÖBB-Business Competence Center GmbH

ÖBB-BCC Optimizes Licensing Structure with Oracle LMS


With the help of Oracle License Management Services, we not only ensured compliance by clarifying the license status of Oracle products used by the ÖBB Group, but were also able to significantly optimize the use of these products for the benefit of the group.

— Ing. Klaus-Dieter Temme, IT Business Development Management, ÖBB-Business Competence Center GmbH

ÖBB-BCC Leverages License Audit to Tap into Unexploited Potential of ÖBB Group’s Databases and Middleware

ÖBB Group, a comprehensive mobility services provider, annually transports 459 million passengers and more than 111 million tons of goods, largely by road and rail, all over Austria and other countries. ÖBB-Business Competence Center GmbH (ÖBB-BCC) manages the IT and communications infrastructure of all ÖBB Group companies, including 8 data centers with 1,544 virtual and 1,040 physical servers. It is also responsible for the acquisition and management of the necessary licenses for the hardware and software being used. Depending on requirements, this may range from simple license acquisition through to complete responsibility for the use of the respective hardware and software and ensuring their full compliance with the current license status.

ÖBB Group companies frequently task ÖBB-BCC with the acquisition of licenses for databases, complementary options, and middleware. In assigning this task, their requirements are based on their own assessments about the use of the respective products. However, detailed findings about the subsequent, actual use of the various products throughout the Group has been lacking in the past. This practice has led to uncertainties, cases of under or over-licensing, and potential significant compliance risks for the Group.

Business Challenge
  • Gain exact information on the use of hardware and software by different ÖBB Group departments and subsidiaries while identifying any risks or exposure in ÖBB-BCC´s asset management solution
  • Facilitate recording of Oracle database and middleware usage within ÖBB Group by integrating automated Oracle scripts into the organization’s asset management solution
  • Optimize the usage of Oracle databases, database options, and middleware within the scope of licenses that have been purchased
  • Identify and close gaps in Oracle license status and ensure full compliance with Oracle licensing terms at all times
  • Closed licensing gaps based on the results of an Oracle License Management Services audit—an efficient, structured, and transparent process which includes knowledge transfer —thus allowing ÖBB Group to fully understand and effectively maximize their complete Oracle license deployment
  • Integrated the Oracle scripts seamlessly into the existing asset management system and automated the data transfer almost entirely thanks to the close working relationship between ÖBB-BCC and Oracle License Management Services
  • Strengthened the trust of the entire ÖBB Group in ÖBB-BCC’s work, as the data acquired with the help of the Oracle scripts largely confirmed ÖBB-BCC’s expectations
  • Delivered a detailed, documented assessment of the number and type of Oracle licenses required by ÖBB Group, enabling all parties involved to get a comprehensive view of current Oracle hardware and software usage and eliminating compliance risks
  • Reduced the average cost per license for Oracle Databases, database options, and middleware
  • Leveraged the 12-month preparatory phase agreed with Oracle License Management Services to noticeably intensify ÖBB-BCC’s collaboration with organizational units and companies in the ÖBB Group
  • Generated trust in and understanding of Oracle license policies within the ÖBB Group during the preparatory phase and audit, giving rise to a profitable partnership for all involved


Oracle License Management Services is our first port of call for Oracle products, and a long-standing partner with which we enjoy to cooperate. Our consultants’ know-how and performance, and our mutual trust lead to outstanding results for us and our clients. We might well repeat future audits in the same setting.

— Ing. Klaus-Dieter Temme, IT Business Development Management, ÖBB-Business Competence Center GmbH

About ÖBB-Business Competence Center GmbH


Vienna, Austria

ÖBB-Business Competence Center GmbH provides services to the entire ÖBB Group, spanning IT development and the operation of the Group’s entire information technology and communications infrastructure. It is the central interface between the Group’s subsidiaries and the holding company in all IT matters.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Dec 15, 2016