ObvioHealth partners with Oracle Clinical One to deliver hybrid clinical trials

Virtual research organization ObvioHealth relies on Oracle Clinical One to consolidate complex data for hybrid clinical trials.


Oracle Clinical One is streamlining multisource data from ObvioHealth’s app, digital devices, and site assessments into a consolidated source of truth for our clinical trial sponsors.

Ivan JarryCEO, ObvioHealth

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Business challenges

For the past 20 years, e-clinical suites have been creating silos of data that don't communicate with each other. Today many clinical trials are hybrid, combining site visits and remote activities. These trials often include data capture from many sources, compounding the data separation issue and causing data management hassles. Electronic patient-reported outcomes need to be integrated with device data, site-based and telehealth clinical assessments, as well as patients’ electronic health records. 

ObvioHealth needed a way to bring data from these multiple sources together into a centralized platform to simplify management and analysis.

Why ObvioHealth chose Oracle

The decision to use Oracle Clinical One was based on Oracle’s industry-leading technology. With its backbone of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Clinical One draws upon more than 20 years of experience in data capture. This expertise results in better analytics, security, scalability, and availability compared to other electronic data capture options.

In addition to its technology leadership, Oracle also would offer the opportunity to flexibly scale operations. Clinical One would help the company conduct more studies to reach more customers and lessen the burden on patients and sites.

Ultimately, ObvioHealth selected Clinical One due to its reputation in service and delivery. A secure infrastructure was critical for the company, to help ensure efficient and accurate data capture. Oracle Clinical One would deliver a unified user experience for each hybrid clinical trial.


ObvioHealth and Oracle Clinical One allowed trial sponsors to conduct hybrid trials integrating multisource data from home, from sensors and wearables, and from clinicians at sites. The integration of all this data gave ObvioHealth’s virtual site team insight into patients’ conditions at and between visits in near real time. This remote data capture and seamless workflow reduced the burden on both patients and the sites.

“ObvioHealth’s DCT expertise and technology combined with Oracle’s enterprise scalability through Clinical One created a concrete experience that worked best for customers,” said ObvioHealth CEO Ivan Jarry.

Plus, because ObvioHealth is part of Oracle’s CRO Growth Initiative, the progress won’t stop there. The CRO program provides its members with unique go-to-market benefits, technical enablers, and incentives they can use with Clinical One. As a member, ObvioHealth benefits from the initiative while continuing to partner with Oracle on future studies.

Whether data is collected in-person or virtually, ObvioHealth leaders are confident that they have a consolidated source of truth with Clinical One—helping to ensure a superior customer experience for present and future studies.

Published:September 29, 2023

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ObvioHealth is a virtual research organization (VRO) that designs and runs end-to-end tech-enabled trials to deliver robust efficacy and safety evidence.