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Oi Participações

Oracle Customer Success

Oi Participações makes recruitment and talent management more efficient, reduces hiring costs by 30% with HCM Cloud Solution


Oi Participações is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil and South America, both in number of subscribers and revenue. Founded in 1998, the company is the only provider of telecommunications services in Brazil with a presence in all of the country’s 26 states plus the Federal District, and has won a concession by the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications (ANATEL) to render personal mobile services until 2025.

Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, the company has 74.5 million customers—including 48.5 million in wireless; 17.5 million in high-speed internet, cable TV, and landline bundles; 7.9 million in corporate plans; more than 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots; and 700,000 payphones.

Business challenges

  • Automate recruitment processes to improve employee-data visibility and increase hiring efficiency for the telecommunication company’s call centers—replacing the onerous manual processing of more than 5,000 paper resumes each month
  • Simplify employee performance management to enable better and faster decision-making when hiring 1,000 new staff members every month to work at the telecommunications provider’s call centers and ensure alignment between employee skills and organizational goals
  • Develop a robust talent-management platform to enable early identification of talent during the hiring process, improving retention strategies as opposed to discarding resumes of candidates who were not immediately hired during recruitment rounds
  • Deploy human resources (HR) management cloud system to reduce IT costs and improve competitiveness in fast-evolving telecommunications and internet provider market

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud enabled us to create a comprehensive, up-to-date, and highly effective human resources environment. We have gained remarkable recruitment analytics, greatly simplifying our hiring process while reducing costs by 30%.

João Pedro Cavalcanti Sant’Anna

CRM Director, Oi Participações

Why Oi Participações chose Oracle

“Oracle HCM Cloud has superior features at a more competitive price than its competitors. Soon after migrating, we registered huge leaps in efficiency—roughly 49%. Our HR team is now talent-centric, highly social and collaborative, deeply insightful, and as a bonus, we’ve shaved costs considerably.”

—João Pedro Cavalcanti Sant’Anna, CRM Director, Oi Participações


  • Modernized and streamlined the telecommunication company’s HR system infrastructure with Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud)—enabling candidates to submit resumes via the company’s website, automating the recruitment process and enabling faster hiring decisions for personnel to staff three large call centers that handle 180 million interactions per year
  • Gained comprehensive visibility into candidate skills, helping the telecommunications company save time and money during the interview process by pre-screening candidates before scheduling interviews—today 75% of applicants interviewed are hired, greatly increasing the efficiency of a recruitment process that previously hired only 15% of candidates interviewed
  • Boosted the company’s ability to find talent by better assessing candidates in all stages of the recruitment process—pre-screening twice as many candidates for interviews, hiring 5x as many employees each month, and easily adding potential candidates to the talent pool
  • Cut recruitment costs by 30% with Oracle HCM Cloud—the HR system now in place is more efficient and operates with only 72 recruiters compared to 142 in the past, a 49% reduction
  • Enabled HR managers to create a talent-management database, providing better insight into hiring decisions by saving each resume submitted via the company’s career website—creating a talent pool with highly interactive data charts with candidate skills and capabilities
  • Improved cohesion and consistency in the recruitment process and facilitated application submission with a solution that captures comprehensive information on candidate experience and skills and includes a powerful search engine that enables candidates to find positions that best align with their skills and interests
  • Implemented online features—such as job alerts and integration with social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to more effectively reach potential candidates—and a referral program that reduces reliance on recruiters by encouraging employees to refer friends for job openings
  • Strengthened interaction with prospective employees by moving all communication to the website—interview scheduling, process monitoring, document solicitation, and inquiry response—increasing the chances of securing qualified candidates, including those with management skills

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