Okamura speeds data insights up to 60X with Oracle Cloud

Manufacturer of office furnishings moves its data analysis platform to Oracle Cloud, reducing operational costs and improving performance.


By moving our data analysis platform to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud, we were able to lighten our operational management load, optimize costs with the autoscaling function, and greatly improve performance. We can confirm the value and efficiency for our data-driven business.

Katsumasa OgasawaraSection Manager, Information Systems Division, Okamura

Business challenges

Okamura manufactures a wide range of products, including office furnishings and store displays. It pushes the envelope in a business that fosters innovation. The company remains flexible so that it can offer timely suggestions to help businesses offer diverse workplace spaces, especially in light of the pandemic.

In 2010, Okamura established an on-premises data analysis platform centered around Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. This was aimed at improving sales analysis, as well as boosting production, logistics, and inventory efficiencies. The company was planning business expansion and decided it was time to upgrade its data analysis platform, which was used by about 1,000 employees in business operations.

Okamura had been using an appliance-based data warehouse with a daily accumulation of accounting records and other key documents. However, the company needed to develop efficient company-wide management to handle big data through AI and IoT, add value for products and services through robotics, and streamline business and operations overall.

Why Okamura Chose Oracle

Okamura compared solutions from a number of IT vendors and chose to move its data analysis platform to a combined solution: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud. The converged cloud database applies machine learning for provisioning, tuning, patching, backing up, and encrypting, which eliminates database administration. Okamura highly valued OCI’s autoscaling function, which contributes to cost savings by adding resources when the workload is high and scaling down to reduce resources when the workload is low.

As both cloud services are fully managed by Oracle, Okamura employees don’t need to worry about upgrades and backups—significantly reducing operational management overhead.


Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud, which run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Okamura reduced costs for its data analysis platform by 36% and improved performance by up to 60X when compared to the appliance-based data warehouse platform the company used previously. On average, patch performance improved by half and the acceleration of the response has led to efficiency improvements, as employees are able to make reports faster.

As a result of successfully of moving the data analysis platform to  OCI, Okamura is considering moving its on-premises linchpin system running on Oracle Database to OCI, as well.


iDEA Consulting supported Okamura in moving to a new data analysis platform using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Published:August 25, 2021