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Oracle Customer Success

With Oracle, ooba fast-tracks cloud strategy during pandemic


The online home loan quote comparison and application service turns to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM for a consistent employee remote-work experience.

Business challenges

A South African online home loan service, ooba has been helping clients obtain the best rates on their home loans for more than 20 years. Just before the pandemic, the company, with more than 350 employees, was celebrating its accomplishments and anticipating a banner year. But by April 2020, the picture was grim and filled with uncertainty.

The company’s shift to remote working to keep employees safe highlighted a major challenge—the digital literacy of the workforce. With a wide generational mix and an average employee age of 45, ooba realized that it faced a large technology gap. Many employees, familiar with manual processes, were now thrust into a world of online meetings and virtual learning. Employees who used to drop by the HR office for employee information suddenly had to find that information using technology and the cloud. Staffers had to become more self-sufficient in obtaining the information and data they needed from ooba’s Oracle platform.

As an HR division, we had the foresight to make the investments in our Oracle cloud-based solutions prior to the pandemic. That gave us the capability to fast-forward our underlying digital strategies.

Linda Roos

Group Head of Human Capital, ooba

Why ooba Chose Oracle

As an Oracle customer for more than 10 years, ooba considers Oracle to be the enabler of the company’s cloud strategy. Because Oracle had already started helping ooba reimagine the business, including an investment in cloud-enabled applications, the company knew it could use Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management to provide access to crucial HR systems during—and after—the pandemic.


Thanks to the investment in Oracle Cloud HCM, ooba has been able to implement a hybrid work model and maintain business continuity throughout the pandemic. The hybrid work model will continue in the future, now that the organization sees it will save money overall.

Having a cloud-enabled platform gave ooba staffers a sense of continuity in their employee experience during a time of great uncertainty. They have easy access to critical HR information, and can quickly learn how to perform a task with eLearning modules that provide how-to training 24/7. And because the learning curve for using the technology accelerated, it also increased adoption—fast-tracking ooba’s digital literacy improvement strategy.

While employees are adjusting to these major changes, reduced interest rates in South Africa are driving more people to purchase homes. Compared to before COVID-19, ooba’s business has nearly doubled. Because of ooba’s Oracle HCM investment, employees have the support they need to adapt to these rapidly changing business times.

The transition to an online, cloud-enabled platform had a profound impact on staff, as a consistent employee experience created a sense of certainty, transparency, and security within the organization.

Linda Roos

Group Head of Human Capital, ooba

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