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Oracle Customer Success — Oracle


Oracle Processes Sales Leads 5x Faster, Supports Engineered Sales Process, and Strengthens Customer Relationships with Cloud Solution


Oracle Sales Cloud has enabled us to transform our sales operation with a unique engineered process that drives productivity and strengthens customer relationships. It proves itself daily in our enterprise, where we serve 400,000 customers and have more than 200,000 opportunities open at any time across 50,000 sales territories.

— Martyn Langley, Vice President, Global Sales Operations, Oracle

Oracle, an enterprise solutions company, develops database and middleware software, application software, and hardware systems. It is focused on reducing IT complexity by engineering hardware and software to work together—in the cloud and in the data center. By eliminating complexity and simplifying IT, Oracle enables its customers—400,000 of them in more than 145 countries—to accelerate innovation and create added value for their organizations. Oracle has more than 25,000 sales professionals around the globe and is committed to continually increasing the proficiency of its sales operations and the strength of its customer relationships.
  • Enable Oracle’s 25,000 sales professionals around the globe to effectively identify, develop, manage, and close sales opportunities for the company’s cloud-based and on premises applications, hardware, and infrastructure solutions
  • Optimize sales operation proficiency and strengthen customer relationships by introducing an engineered sales methodology
  • Provide a rigorous road test for the company’s sales cloud solutions in a large enterprise environment to ensure high performance and optimal functionality for Oracle Sales Cloud customers
  • Empowered Oracle’s 25,000 sales professionals with anytime, anywhere access to critical sales opportunity and customer information with Oracle Sales Cloud─driving faster and more effective sales cycles and stronger customer relationships
  • Accelerated sales lead processing, boosting velocity 4x to 5x, thanks to two-way integration between Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service and Oracle Sales Cloud─processing more than 590,000 leads in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2015
  • Enabled Oracle to introduce an engineered sales process that models best practices and enables an information-rich, guided selling process that optimizes sales initiatives
  • Improved ability to provide sales professionals with the resources, information, and coaching needed to improve win rates and accelerate velocity thanks to the interactive platform that seamlessly delivers vital information and resources tailored to each specific opportunity and sales cycle phase
  • Provided a real-world laboratory for testing Oracle Sales Cloud in a global enterprise with more than 400,000 customers to drive important new functionality for future releases, identify potential issues early on, and ensure high performance for Oracle Sales Cloud customers
  • Ensured scalability to support tens of thousands of sales professionals and more than 350,000 open opportunities at any time, 1.5 million customers and prospects, more than 50,000 territories, and 3 million contacts─pushing the system harder than most enterprises would push it to ensure high performance for Oracle Sales Cloud customers
  • Integrated Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Social Network Cloud Service to share information and boost collaboration during the sales cycle, including looping specialists into the process─with approximately 15% of all opportunities having an Oracle Social Network conversation assigned to them, encompassing more than 10,000 conversations each week
  • Enabled sales professionals to get a holistic view of every customer relationship thanks to integration with Oracle E-Business Suite and the use of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for more informed, coordinated, and productive sales initiatives
  • Improved the customer experience and better coordinated sales opportunities involving multiple representatives and product groups with a complete front-to-back-office view of every customer that provides insight into Oracle installed base, buying history, open tickets, opportunities in process, and more
  • Supported corporate efforts to improve territory management, boost the stability of customer relationships, and apply quantitative metrics to assess the strength of customer relationships, including annualized contract value, annual revenue, open pipeline, and more
  • Empowered sales professionals in the field with mobile capabilities to optimize productivity and client service
  • Ensured security of critical customer information while allowing authorized users to have the information they need readily at hand to serve clients and develop business
  • Provided a single interface for managing the entire sales process for a better user experience, including integration with Oracle Service Cloud that provides a help button linked to chat and a context sensitive library from nearly every interface page

Why Oracle

Oracle is committed to running its business on its industry-leading solutions.

We believe that Oracle delivers the most robust, reliable, and extensible sales cloud solution. Oracle places great demands on its sales management platform due to the size of our sales force, scope of our global business, number of leads we pursue, and the sheer volume of solutions that we offer. By using Oracle Sales Cloud to run our sales operation, we not only demonstrate our ultimate confidence in the solution, we also gain first-hand insight into opportunities for new features and functionality that result in a better overall experience for our cloud customers.

— Martyn Langley, Vice President, Global Sales Operations, Oracle


Oracle deployed Oracle Sales cloud in 2013 and has rolled it out to all of its 25,000 sales professionals worldwide. It deployed the solution globally in a “big bang” approach after thorough testing. It plans to upgrade to Oracle Sales Cloud Release 9 in mid-2015.

About Oracle


Redwood Shores, California, United States



Annual Revenue

Over $5 Billion
Published:  Jun 09, 2015