Oracle cuts alert response time by 70% with Cloud Guard

Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience uses Oracle Cloud Guard to identify security risks and establish best practices for detection and response.


Oracle Cloud Guard has allowed us to detect and respond to problems much faster. With the information provided in Cloud Guard, alerts arrive to the right team with the right context. This has drastically cut down on time spent on manual review.

Daniyal NadeemPrincipal Security Incident Response Analyst, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

Business challenges

The Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (ACX) team supports a connected suite of applications that equips marketers and advertisers with a comprehensive understanding of their customer bases. The cloud-based advertising and CX applications are populated by millions of customer interactions, which means an extensive volume of sensitive data.

To run this software-as-a-service application on behalf of Oracle customers, Oracle ACX needed an infrastructure solution that met the highest security, privacy, and compliance standards. Additionally, the solution needed to automate threat monitoring, detections, and responses, as well as have manual reviews and controls. The ACX team relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to run its workloads. This deep demand list for security was met when the Oracle ACX team implemented Oracle Cloud Guard in its OCI tenancy. 

Oracle Cloud Guard has allowed Oracle CX to respond to critical alerts up to 70% faster. This frees up analyst time which can then be used for active threat hunting within our environment.

Daniyal Nadeem Principal Security Incident Response Analyst, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

Why They Chose Oracle

For the Oracle ACX team, Oracle Cloud Guard delivered best-in-class capabilities to improve the security posture of their environment, and it’s offered free of charge for supported OCI services. Cloud Guard provided visibility across the team’s entire OCI estate, enabling proactive detection and response to potential threats, as well as identifying misconfigurations caused by human or system errors.


With Oracle Cloud Guard in place, the Oracle ACX team is getting even more benefits from their OCI tenancy, thanks to the improved security threat detection and decreased response time to alerts. With its robust detector rules, Cloud Guard initially detected more than 150,000 problems within the Advertising and Customer Experience environment. These deep diagnostics helped the team address and resolve system errors and misconfigurations proactively.

Because Cloud Guard integrates directly with the OCI Events service, Oracle ACX analysts can respond to critical issues as soon as they’re detected. This has cut down on alert response time by 70%. Also, Cloud Guard allows the team to monitor its identity and access management service to help ensure key and password management aligns with Oracle policies and standards.

With Oracle Cloud Guard in place, the Oracle ACX team has an increased ability to manage security concerns within the OCI environment.

Published:July 30, 2021