Oracle transforms its human resources organization with Oracle Cloud HCM

With Oracle Cloud HCM, we are transforming our hiring, onboarding, and talent development processes to attract, retain, and grow the highest-caliber employees and enable their productivity and success.

Our talent process has given me the opportunity to continuously review my skills, make adjustments, and improve as a sales leader. Due to the visibility and process, I’ve been able to progress from regional manager to group sales director and now regional vice president. Without this feedback process, I wouldn’t be where I am today, growing and moving my career forward here at Oracle.

Kevin LallyRegional Vice President, Oracle

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Business challenges

Oracle is a $40 billion company with 138,000 employees serving 430,000 customers in 175 countries.

Integral to our transformation from a product-oriented to a cloud-based services-oriented company was our HR operations. Like many of our customers, we had disparate internal systems and processes for hiring and onboarding, and the result was a disjointed, overly complex, and time-consuming employee experience. Our goal was to simplify our HR processes and make the applications that manage them more intuitive—more like the apps our employees use in their personal lives.

Our new employee experience has certainly shaped my career in a positive way. When Cloud HCM launched, I took the opportunity to enter my career aspirations, skills and work preferences online. I shared how I was really keen to broaden my career by moving from analytics to HCM. That update was discussed by managers and HR at the next talent review meeting, and as a result I was able to move roles within six months.

Caroline GladwinMaster Principal Sales Consultant, HCM, Oracle

Why Oracle@Oracle Chose Oracle

Oracle selected the Oracle Cloud HCM suite of applications to transform our HR operations to achieve industry-leading operating efficiency and better engage and empower our people. The built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities with Oracle Cloud services enable us to continually improve our insights and employee experience.


We have been able to achieve a significant return on investment with Oracle Cloud HCM, including the career development benefits such as increasing alignment and engagement with employees, using a model that focuses on 80% continuous feedback and 20% annual wrap-up reviews.

In addition, we eliminated 71% of the time it took to conduct talent reviews while increasing support for employee career development based on insights gleaned from data analysis.

We cut more than 27,000 hours of administrative time and initiated about 20,000 promotions and other job changes in FY19, 63% higher than the previous year.

Our use of Oracle Cloud HCM also produced several hiring benefits, including saving hiring managers 20,000 hours a year with an accelerated offer process. We reduced approval tiers by 77% and realized all-time-high onboarding satisfaction and hiring manager satisfaction rates.

Oracle has been ranked by LinkedIn as a top 10 company to work for the last three years in a row.

Published:February 12, 2020