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Oracle Customer Success

Oracle reduces its environmental footprint by using Oracle Cloud


With Oracle Cloud, we have enabled our company to significantly advance our environmental performance, showing that what’s good for the environment is good for business.

Business challenges

Oracle is a $40 billion company with 138,000 employees serving 430,000 customers in 175 countries across the world.

Oracle has had a long-standing view that in order to be effective, sustainable thinking needs to be embedded within an organization and by extension its use of information technology. At Oracle, sustainability is everyone’s business.

We have been transforming our business operations to be more environmentally friendly by leveraging Oracle’s own innovative technology. Sustainability is now inherent in the way we think about and approach nearly every aspect of our business, from operational efficiency to product development to employee engagement.

Many organizations are looking for ways to transform their businesses in a way that builds a more sustainable future, for reasons including risk management, lower costs, brand stewardship, or revenue generation. As a result, many of our customers are looking to understand how Oracle’s solutions might assist them on their transformation, to share best practices, and to evaluate if there are opportunities to collaborate.

I am extremely pleased with Oracle Cloud, as it allows me to capture our suppliers’ sustainability data and work directly with my category managers to help improve their suppliers’ sustainability programs.

Zach Ledford

Program Manager for Sustainable Procurement, Oracle

Why Oracle@Oracle chose Oracle

Oracle selected Oracle Cloud because it is the only end-to-end cloud application platform that enables the cross-functional process flows required to increase sustainability. For example, in our supply chain, we use Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud to design more environmentally friendly products and ensure product compliance.

We use Oracle Logistics Cloud to optimize the distribution of our products to both customers as well as our own data centers, minimizing the emissions resulting from transportation by consolidating shipments and maximizing freight utilization. And the automation and self-service capabilities in Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM helped us eliminate the use of paper in processes such as expense processing and reporting, hiring, and benefits.


We have achieved a significant return on investment with Oracle Cloud including saving millions of dollars in operational costs. In addition, we reused or recycled 99.4% of decommissioned equipment collected at Oracle in FY19, reduced total emissions by 17.4% relative to our 2015 baseline, and reduced environmental impacts annually through efficiency improvements, emissions reductions, waste elimination, and dematerialization.

The Oracle Cloud IoT solutions empower real estate facilities professionals to embrace innovation, adapt to change, and use a data-driven approach to operations that’s sustainable.

Francisco Ruiz

Director of IoT, Real Estate and Facilities, Oracle