Oracle reduces average deal cycle time by 50% using Oracle Cloud CX

Oracle’s Global Sales Operations turns to Oracle Cloud CX to automate processes and fuel collaboration, delivering a better buying experience.

With the Oracle Cloud CX platform, we’ve integrated and united our sales, marketing, and service organizations. And with these teams moving in lockstep, we’re orchestrating phenomenal customer experiences.

Martyn LangleySenior Vice President, Global Sales Operations, Systems and Enablement, Oracle

Business challenges

Oracle is a $40 billion company with more than 130,000 employees serving 430,000 customers in 175 countries across the world.

As part of this large footprint, Oracle’s sales organization delivers 1 million sales quotes per year and 100,000 customer interactions per week. This all funnels up to more than 300,000 opportunities and $45 billion in pipeline managed annually.

Oracle’s Global Sales Operations team recognized the need for a platform that integrated efforts and outreach across every touchpoint of the sales experience, from marketing to sales to service. The goal was not just to manage volume but drive collaboration across teams, ensuring a best-in-class customer experience every step of the way.

Specifically, the team sought technology that would help accelerate routine processes, from requests to quotes, and identify pipeline opportunities more quickly.

Why Oracle chose Oracle Cloud CX

Oracle’s Global Sales Operations team chose Oracle Cloud Advertising and Customer Experience as its single platform to integrate its core SaaS services across sales, including Oracle Marketing, Service, and Configure, Price, Quote. This move marked an exciting new phase in an ongoing sales experience transformation that began with the team’s initial implementation of Oracle Sales.

The unique automation features in Oracle CX and its support of looser collaboration across functions, like sales and service, made it the clear choice for the team as it endeavored to simplify internal operations in service of an accelerated buying experience for Oracle customers.


With Cloud CX as the foundation, the Global Sales Operations team realized time-saving benefits across the breadth of the sales experience.

That started with sales and service collaboration. Sales reps and solution engineers are connected via a single, global library of services. When sales reps need technical help with a deal, service requests are automatically routed to the correct solution engineer team. Now, engineers are assigned in minutes versus days, a 90% reduction in turnaround. The overall result is a 30% improved time to action.

Cloud CX has also helped the team bring to life a reimagined buying experience. Using the CPQ service within the cloud platform, the team was able to cut the standard contract by 70%. Also, the team streamlined the approval process by removing redundant approvers. As a result, 85% of sales quotes are self-service, self-managed by reps. This has led to a 50% reduction in average deal cycle time.

Oracle DataFox Data Management also lives within the CX platform, allowing the team to take advantage of key firmographics of company revenue, industry, and customer hierarchies to create and maintain 50,000 balanced and equitable sales territories globally. DataFox also enables reps to prospect in their territories more effectively by configuring buying signals to automatically receive key event information for their customers. This resulted in the discovery of thousands of opportunities unidentified by legacy methods.

Finally, the cloud foundation has allowed the team to use PaaS to digitize key sales processes, such as digitizing hub-based sellers. The team created an engagement application in Oracle Sales with integrated telephony, email, and social activity tracking. This move reduced administrative work by 20% and increased the number of interactions captured twentyfold.

Published:May 6, 2022