Orange Belgium speeds data management processes with Oracle

The telecom is accelerating its digital transformation and launching disruptive mobile offers faster using Oracle Cloud.


With Oracle Product Hub Cloud we harmonized all communications product data throughout our organization and across both on-premises and cloud platforms. This enabled us to achieve significant data management process efficiencies while also saving time and reducing errors.

Son NguyenEnterprise IT Program Manager, Orange Belgium SA

Business challenges

  • Increase the efficiency of managing data for all product items—including a vast array of mobile handsets—across the organization’s on-premises and cloud-based applications
  • Enable Orange Belgium’s business and supply chain teams to create product items rapidly and independently—without needing to request heavy support from the IT department or seek approvals from the finance team 
  • Ensure product data accuracy and congruence across the enterprise, whether the data is used by procurement, supply chain, or finance teams, or when used for advertisements on Orange Belgium’s website or in its shops
  • Simplify the product item creation process—a previously labor-intensive activity conducted using office spreadsheets and requiring multiple macros to define item rules across Orange Belgium’s various business functions and inventory organizations

Why Orange Belgium SA Chose Oracle

"Having already decided on Oracle for our digital transformation, it made perfect sense to select Oracle Product Hub Cloud both for its compatibility and functionality as well as to reduce complexity by keeping our IT partners to a minimum. Furthermore, the expertise provided by Oracle Consulting was vital for our project success."

—Son Nguyen, Enterprise IT Program Manager, Orange Belgium SA


  • Streamlined and unified product data management across the enterprise—from supply chain, finance, and contract management operations through to website advertising and mobile phone shop window displays—by implementing Oracle Product Hub Cloud as a centralized point for all product master data
  • Enabled Orange Belgium’s supply chain employees to create product items directly, rapidly, free from errors, and without needing validations from finance or other departments, by having all rules configured in Oracle Product Hub Cloud—a major improvement over previous item creation process which required lengthy and complex IT support
  • Contributed significantly to two of Orange Belgium’s four strategic business priorities—namely achieving digital transformation through cloud technologies, and launching disruptive mobile offers faster thanks to enhanced content and an enriched portfolio of products and services
  • Simplified and accelerated the item creation process by using Oracle Product Hub Cloud’s automated functions instead of needing to expend considerable effort preparing office spreadsheet templates—which included manually defining item rules for 10 inventory organizations, and creating various macros to ensure all product attributes were correctly captured in the system
  • Ensured total data congruence on all Orange Belgium’s product items—including a wide variety of mobile phone handsets—across on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite supply chain management applications and Oracle Cloud finance and procurement applications
  • Ensured smooth deployment of Oracle Product Hub Cloud according to Orange Belgium’s business specifications and schedule by engaging Oracle Consulting for design and implementation
Published:November 25, 2019