Outsourcing group manages employee health data in Oracle Cloud

Outsourcing Business Service is tapping Oracle Autonomous Database to execute health and well-being initiatives for 35,000 employees in its domestic group of companies.

Business challenges

Outsourcing Business Service, established in September 2015 as the business process outsourcing unit of Tokyo-based Outsourcing Inc., specializes in services for IT, manufacturing, and engineering companies. In support of its mission to create an optimal work environment for employees with disabilities—who make up more than 90 percent of its workforce—it needed to consolidate its people’s health and related information. That data was locked up in myriad spreadsheets and paper documents managed by each of its 30 business divisions, making it difficult for the company to identify employees at risk and intervene where necessary.

Why Outsourcing Business Service chose Oracle

Outsourcing Business Service consolidated that data onto cloud-based Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. Given the fact that it has a small IT staff, the company needed a solution that is easy to set up, use, and develop, and one that automates maintenance and operations management. “Oracle was the only choice,” says CEO Kinji Manabe.


Tapping Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, about 100 specialized Outsourcing Business Service employees—including occupational health nurses, industrial physicians, health and safety officers, and health managers—can now centrally and securely analyze data about an employee’s work-life balance and proactively address potential problems. That’s an especially important consideration given the fact that the company’s business is staffing.

By also using Oracle Application Express, a built-in feature of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, staffers can easily create a UI to import health data into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. With the combination of Oracle Analytics and Oracle Data Visualization, people with little data analytics knowledge or experience can implement low-code analytics quickly and easily. 

In technical terms, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, combines cloud economies of scale and elasticity with self-managing and self-patching capabilities powered by machine learning, cutting Outsourcing Business Service’s administrative costs while freeing members of its small IT team to focus on gleaning more insights from the employee data they’re collecting.

With the help of Oracle Consulting’s Rapid Start service, Outsourcing Business Service was able to get Oracle’s cloud database up and running in about one-third the time required for a standard database implementation.

Published:May 20, 2020