PAAS clients save on technology expenses with Oracle Cloud

PAAS implements Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Database to help its clients identify savings opportunities and cut their total technology spend.


The Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehouse solution spans the entire range of data management needs, from discovering any data type, to ingestion, transformation, curation, analysis, and reporting. This allows clients to immediately act on the insights—the steps our clients can take to immediately start saving 15% to 30% of their technology spend.

Dave KriggerChief Procurement Officer, PAAS

Business challenges

PAAS—which stands for Procurement, Analytics, and Strategy—is a global leader in technology spend analytics. Its subscription service acts as an extension of businesses’ procurement and technology teams, with the goal of decreasing technology spend and accelerating procurement lifecycles.

The company began by using spreadsheets to manage procurement data and perform advanced analytics. As the business grew, spreadsheets became too limiting, and data required a lot of manual formatting. Additionally, spreadsheets don’t scale and can lead to security, accuracy, and timeliness concerns. PAAS wanted to use and reuse customer data to create benchmarks against which new customers could set goals and measure success. Data is an inexhaustible capital that can be infinitely reused, but PAAS was not able to ingest, store, and manage the data properly within spreadsheets. The company sought a robust, cloud-based data warehouse to manage all this information.

Why PAAS Chose Oracle

PAAS selected Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse because they help staff analyze large volumes of spend data, identify areas for significant savings, and helps clients visualize spend patterns and solutions. They allow the company to tell a story with the data and provide insights and savings for its clients with database administration.


To make the shift from spreadsheets, the company selected Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with self-encryption for security and self-patching, which eliminates downtime and administrative overhead, and sparks collaboration using a single, reliable source of truth.

For example, PAAS helped a biotech company cut its technology expenses by feeding its data into Oracle Analytics Cloud, creating dashboards, and using Oracle embedded machine learning. PAAS found that approximately $85 million of the client’s spend was unmanaged. Also, that money was being transacted by employees on credit cards, and software was being automatically renewed on credit cards without appropriate evaluation. PAAS and Oracle Analytics helped this company save about 35% of that $85 million by reducing the number of automated renewals.

The Oracle Cloud solution is the engine of insight and savings for PAAS clients. It enables them to analyze large volumes of spend data, identify areas for significant savings, and help clients quickly visualize technology spend patterns and solutions. It allows PAAS to tell a convincing story with the data.

Published:August 31, 2021